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Adobe Flash Player Issue

I wanted to say “Happy Holidays” to all my friends and clients out here in Rancho Murieta and for all the support that everyone has given to me.


Many people have come across an “Adobe Flash Player” issue when you surf onto a web page and cannot view the animation that is playing. The web page requests that you download the adobe flash player and after doing so , are still unable to view the animation.



Click on your start menu:


Windows XP:

Go to your control panel and under “add remove programs” uninstall adobe flash player.


Windows Vista:

Go to control panel and under “Programs” uninstall a program. Some have their vista machines set to the “Classic View” so look for programs and features and uninstall adobe flash player.


After uninstalling adobe flash player, reboot your computer and try downloading the new flash player from the adobe web site, this should resolve your issue. Here’s the web link






Happy Holidays from Damon's Computer Service's

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