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Bald Eagles

The Bald Eagles are back.  I saw two of them this morning at Lake Calero.  They were sitting side-by-side on a telephone pole around the back of the lake.  They were huge and beautiful!!  Just an FYI.

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More about bald eagles


Thanks very much for sharing that.  It was this time last year that the eagles were sighted in the area.  (See photos here.)

If anyone sees them, please give a call to 354-3916, and we'll hustle over there and try to get a photo.  Or if you get a photo, please post it here or contact us by phone or e-mail if you need help with the posting.

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Bald eagle photos


Here are two of the pictures I took of an Eagle about 10:45 AM on 1/14/2009 at Lake Calero.
Actually saw three soaring  at one time,  this mature bald Eagle and two brown immature ones.  A friend of mine said that he has seen two bald eagles with the second one being smaller.


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Eagle vs. hawk

Eagle 1

Thank you Jerri and Mike for letting us know about the eagles' presence and for the pictures. I was able to get these shots a little after noon today. While I was shooting the regal bird, a rambunctious hawk swooped in from behind and buzzed the eagle close enough to ruffle a few feathers. The eagle then let loose with a string of (what I assume were) eagle invectives directed at the fleeing hawk.

Eagle 2

Eagle 3

Tina Bowers

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Beautiful Birds...

AMAZING photos!!!

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Searching for a bald eagle

Nice to meet all the eagle watchers today at Lake Calero.  Special thanks to Jim Moore and Bob Bowers for their help spotting the bird.  (It takes a village to photograph a bald eagle.)

And despite their help, this was as good as we could do:

Eagle on pole

The bird wouldn't let anyone get too close.  Get too close, or stay too long, and it gets antsy and takes off.  That was our experience twice.

If you want to see it yourself, the red box below is where we saw it ranging today, though there's no reason why the bird would limit itself to this area.  Bring some binoculars and pay attention to the highest treetops and the tops of power poles -- especially the power poles. You'll need a long lens if you want to get a good photo.

Eagle map

As always, if you get a picture, please post it here or call or e-mail -- 354-3916 or editor@ranchomurieta.com.

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More shared photos

Neighbors Denise and Doug Prince share these new shots.  Included is one where the eagle is swooping in on a floating flock of coots.  Denise adds some notes to help you make out what's what in the photo.

Eaglein flight

Eaglein tree

Eagle on pole

Eagle and coots

Denise's notes point out the frantic coots at center and the bald eagle swooping at right.

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Passive Park at Calero

These eagle photos are fantastic.

The designated "passive" park at Calero is a gem in Rancho Murieta. The vista of the Sierra, the variety of birds to watch, the peaceful quiet with only the sound of wind rustling through the bare trees are all reasons to treasure this location.

The land of the peninsula was created when Calero was dredged deeper to make more water storage capacity. RMA owns the peninsula and it is designated as a passive park (passive basically means rustic and natural).

I am so glad to see more RMA members enjoying the beautiful setting. It is absolutely unique and irreplaceable. If/when development gears up again, I hope there will be support to keep the Calero Park a natural refuge instead of what was proposed (a vineyard, winery, and bandstand) or what could be proposed (lights and ball fields).

The baby oaks (and a few other volunteers) in the memorial grove are naturalized (no irrigation) after 5 years of stewarding by volunteer Kiwanis and scout members. Weeding and mulch spreading are done by volunteers in cooperation with RMA maintenance. The memorial bench is the site of the annual American flag retirement ceremony on Memorial Day (Monday, May 25 this year), a moving and meaningful ceremony.

See you out there, neighbors!

Pamela Haines

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Calero eagle photos

Here are two pics of Bald Eagles I took at Lake Calero.  One shows him with a Coot he caught for breakfast (a bit grainy)...  The second shot was from last year at this time.



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More Eagle shots -- and their routine


I got a few more Eagle shots today.

The Eagles seem to have a routine.  Between 7:30AM and 9:AM (usually by the boat ramp) two adult Bald Eagles seem to have arguments  over that territory. The winner can be seen later swooping down on a  group of coots in the water.  Between 10:AM and 1:PM  (unless disturbed) one of the Eagles  can be seen perched on the telephone poles in the area you marked on your map.  I have observed this  3 out of 4 days.


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Thank you to those who took the time to take these great photographs. They have been passed on to interested folks at US Army Corps as well as the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Although the bald eagle is no longer on the endangered list, it is still a federal species of concern. And foraging areas for this species are of high concern.

It wasn't that long ago, a few folks insisted Bald Eagles weren't even in Murieta. :) Nor, some insisted, did they forage here. Obviously, as many of us knew, they most certainly do--using our lakes, and open areas, seasonally to hunt.  Thanks again for the photos.

Candy Chand

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A pair of eagles

Eagle pair

Thought you might like a couple of more eagle shots down at the lake.  Got them in the morning on Friday, the 23rd.  Since taking the photo, I've learned an interesting fact, that the bird on the right is a five-year-old immature eagle.

Eagle - solo

William Gengler


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More about the immature eagle

I was just thinking that some readers might think I made a mistake when in my last posting, I called the brownish eagle on the pole an immature five-year old bird.  Some might think I meant five-month old bird. 

My son Bob Gengler now lives in Alaska and is an outsdoorsman and photographer.  He gave me the information and he has a web site that has information on all types of birds and mammals.  Murieta.com readers might be very interested in this link to his site that pertains to the complete life and times of bald eagles.

I also have one more photo of the Rancho Murieta eagle:


William Gengler


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Just amazing photos

All of these photos are just amazing! I can't wait to go out and take a look for myself. Thank you all for sharing.

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Eagle close-up

Don't miss Bill Gengler's latest -- a great close-up.  It was chosen as a site Big Picture and can be seen here.

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