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Water Usage

Driving to the club the other morning in my golf cart ( December ), I counted ten homes that had or were watering their yard. This was shorty after we had had a couple days of rain a few days prior. Knowing that water is a valuable resource to all of us in the community, and that conservation should be practiced by all, I question just how much water is being wasted durning these months when everyones yard sprinkler system should be off? I am guessing that within the entire community, the water wasted by watering yards unnecessarily is significant.

Is it possible that through CSD and monitored by Security that a friendly request be given to those who run their sprinklers in winter and wet months, that they kindly turn them off?

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Sad, but true

I have quietly fumed about the same situation for the three winters we have been here. Thanks for bringing up this important subject.

Where is the management of our service district system? One would think that with the third season of sub-normal rainfall, they woud be on top of it. But then again, it would mean loss of revenue and create budget problems....I guess they cannot come up with an alternative water charge structure, that would penalize the many homeowners that either don't care about conservation, aren't concerned about scarce resources, or are just oblivious and have a common sense deficit.

Now this subject would be a great one for a petition drive as opposed to the cable guys' endless chatter to save themselves $30 a month to offset their 500 channel system costs.

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Conservation pricing

The good news is that CSD is indeed working on instituting  "conservation pricing" which will charge more per gallon for residential use exceeding certain thresholds, to incentivize conservation and deter such waste. 

The presentation packet from the workshop on conservation pricing this past October is online at http://www.ranchomurietacsd.com/Packets/Board/Oct.16-Conceptual%20Rates.pdf

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Some don't have a clue

I had posted on this same concern some time ago. My thought was there may be many residents that don't have a clue how to use their sprinkler timer. Of course there are probably many who don't even know their systems are working other than they have a green lawn. With that reminder notice, I would like to see RMA/CSD offer for someone to come out and assist any homeowner who does not know how to work their timer. Although, that time spent by an employee is going to cost...so a fair flat rate of $15 to $30(?) to come out and make that adjustment seems fair.

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Water Usage

Perhaps CSD should due what West Sacramento does and that is base your sewer rate for the year on water usage in the months of Dec. and Jan.

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Water Usage

Something should be done.  All summer the water ran from the north gate down to Jackson Highway.  I shouda, couda opened my big mouth THEN.


    Fran Albee



    Fran Albee

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re: I totally agree!

I'm glad that this is being debated again. I have been complaining about wasting our water for years. I did call CSD once to complain about someone who was flooding the gutter over and over again. I was told that there wasn't anything that they could do except send this household a letter suggesting they change their watering times. I sure hope that what Wilbur and his committee are working on really helps because there is some evidence that we will have very little rain this winter again, and we can't afford to waste water if we don't have very much of it to begin with!!!. Myrna Solomon

Myrna Solomon

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CSD - are they concerned?

What's disconcerting is that CSD doesn't seem concerned when water is being wasted.  Case in point... I happened to be on Lago Dr. today along the path that circles the lake and saw a continual flood of water coming from a significant leak in one of CSD's waterlines.  What I later learned is that RMA notified CSD 10 days ago of the leak  To see that much water being wasted each day is sad, as it can be avoided by making repairs in a timely manner.

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Water Issue


CSD is aware of the issue and it is being addressed.  I don't want to see mud pits where the lakes used to be or mandatory water restrictions if at all possible.





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RMA's responsibilities

Many of the lawns being watered with domestic (i.e. drinking water from the lakes) are actually common area that the RMA has allowed to be landscaped based on either a lease, a license, or lack of stewarding our common area. I have been on record for decades objecting to the RMA's Architectural Rules Committee (ARC) granting individual homeowners the right to landscape common area, especially with lawn.

The CC&R's state that the common area is for the "use and enjoyment" of the general membership. Natural trails made by either wildlife or pedestrians were to be preserved. The golf courses, watered with recycled water, were supposed to meet that appealing visual desire for a manicured lawn.

RMA has also developed our parks with domestic water. It was considered too expensive to bring "purple pipe" with recycled water to the parks. As water becomes more expensive and more scarce, I would hope RMA would revisit their common area landscaping water use, both by the association and the individual members.

Pamela Haines

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