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Security patrol officers should continue to inform people who park in spaces reserved for handicapped drivers, but they shouldn't be responsible for issuing county tickets for the offense, the Community Services District Security Committee agreed Friday. And CSD staff said it may begin eliminating specific speeds from mentions of speeding violations in the security logs for consistency's sake -- because some entries give the offender's speed and some don't.

President Bobbi Belton brought up enforcement of handicapped-accessible parking at the February board meeting and it was referred to the committee for consideration.

"We get occasional complaints. The officers during their regular patrols will see that," Security Chief Greg Remson told the committee Friday. "What we will do presently is we will try to track down the owner and notify them that they shouldn't be parking in the handicapped parking space. ... The question is do you want the Security Department to start enforcing handicapped parking citations through the county. We can do that. ... It's a civil issue, it's not a criminal issue. It would entail procedures and training."

"I don't see a pressing need for it," said Director Steve Mobley. "If it gets to a point where somebody's that upset about it, the service center's right there. We could have them get a hold of the Sheriff's Department, the CHP or somebody and let them deal with it. We only have one or two security officers on during the day, and I don't think they need to be
racing over there because somebody's upset because somebody's parking in a handicapped stall."   

"People that intentionally violate that rule, they're in and out ... and I'm not saying that makes it OK ...," Remson said.

"I'm not either," Mobley agreed. "I'm just saying that in the grand scheme of things, that is such a low priority that I'd rather you guys be out there doing something proactive."

Director Betty Ferraro suggested reminding people that there is a law against parking in a handicapped space.

The county fine for illegally parking in these spaces was increased to $400 last year.         

Mobley shared with the committee comments he'd heard from residents about inconsistencies in the security logs regarding speeding violations.  "Sometimes we're giving them speeds that the people are getting cited for and other times it's not being reported. ...  Sometimes it just says speeding violation," he said.

"It just depends on who writes it," Remson said.

General Manager Ed Crouse and Remson said the speeds could be eliminated from the log entries altogether.

Mobley said he viewed it as a matter of consistency, and wasn't concerned about whether the actual speeds are included or eliminated.

Remson provided the following updates to the committee.

  • The new Security patrol car, a Ford Escape, is now equipped for service, but it took many more man-hours to do it because the vehicle is smaller than the Ford Explorers the department has used for years.  The department went to the smaller vehicle because it was cheaper to buy and to operate.
  • Patrol officers received required training in CPR last month, and other CSD staff members attended the class. Committee member Steve Mobley and Remson discussed placing portable defibrillation equipment in the patrol vehicles. "CPR is 5 percent effective and I
    think (the defibrillation products) are probably in the upper 30's," said Mobley, a sergeant
    in the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Remson said no research is being done to add the equipment at present. "It can be on the list, but the list is long at this point," he said. "So we need to look at priorities?" asked Director Betty Ferraro. "And cost," Remson replied.
  • Ferraro remarked on thefts from unlocked vehicles that occurred in the past month, saying people needed to be educated about removing valuables from their cars, and locking them, although she
    expressed doubt about how successful an educational effort would be. "People still feel very safe within the gates," she concluded.    
  • A grand theft occurred when an expensive new meter for the Rancho Murieta Association cable TV system was taken from an unlocked RMA van on Pescado Circle while the old meter was being used in the house during an afternoon service call. "They're in the house about 20 minutes, came back out, opened up the door to put their equipment in, and the meter was gone," Remson related. He added that vendors generally know "you get out of eyesight of your vehicle, you
    should lock it up. Even here."
  • A five-gallon propane tank taken from a trailer at the Equestrian Center last month was used and returned, Remson said.
  • Driveway parking, stop sign violations, and street parking led the list of RMA rule violations for February.

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What about the Revenue?

What about the revenue the handicapped parking violations bring in? You'd sure think in these hard economic times they'd find more ways to make money and illegal handicapped parking is a no brain-er!

As for the speeding information, I think the information needs to be there. We all need to be reminded that there are plenty of residents and non-resident folks out there who are blatantly ignoring the speed limits and it's interesting to see by how many mph.

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Hmmmm, so according to

Hmmmm, so according to Director Mobley, the SSD, often with a response time averaging 40 minutes, will take care of our handicapped parking?  I wonder if they looked at how many of these tickets the the sheriff's department has written in, say, the last 3-5 years?   I wonder how many out here?  I wonder how many in all of Sacramento County that they have written?  My guess is that the SSD leaves handicapped parking to other agencies, except in certain instances.  I wonder how many deputies will drive 20 miles on the small chance that someone might still be in that handicapped spot?  For something that is not considered a crime, but an infraction?  I don't think we'll see it happening, except maybe a few times for show.


According to Chief Remson and Ed Crouse (in a previous email with him), this is a service that our officers could easily provide the community.  I guess the directors (in particular Director Mobley) don't see it important that the laws governing handicapped parking be enforced, and that those in the community that legally use the handicapped parking have those spots available to them.  If security officers are at the Plaza, I would certainly like to see this tickets enforced, as I know many others would.  It's a common sense thing, and it's about respect.  Whether officers would "race over" to give these tickets, my guess is a practical matter determined by department policy -- prioritizing their current activities, etc.  If we don't want our officers pulled away from their duties to write these tickets, do we really think that the SSD will handle this?  Now really, that just sounds like the board is trying to send up a smoke screen to hide the fact that they don't want our officers to enforce parts of the law that would be within their capabilities.   Who is making these decisions?


About the speeding, since the logs can't be consistent, let's just eliminate more information?  I guess the residents don't need to be informed about these things, that way we can all keep hiding our heads under a rug.







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Speed Citations

 So there are inconsistencies in the written violations for speeding depending on "WHO WRITES THE CITATION".....and the solution is to eliminate the speed cited!!!!   Give me a break!!!  

In the discussion on Handicap Citations,  Chief Remson state they could write them up but it would require "procedures and training".

Are there no procedures for writing a speeding citation????

If not, you need some and if they exist,  which they obviously do,  they need to require the officer state the speed observed and cited.

You do not get a ticket from CHP or other law enforcement for speeding with no mention of the speed on the citation.

This is a no brainer.... LIST THE SPEED. 

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