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Candy Chand piece in today's Bee

Neighbor Candy Chand has a piece in today's Bee about development issues -- and how the county seems to see developers, but not other citizens, as customers.  An excerpt:


(County environment official Joyce) Horizumi explained that, in the spirit of streamlining, her department has engaged a new disclosure policy. Developers are now allowed the unprecedented privilege of receiving a sneak preview of their project's executive summary. That way, she justified, the "customer" can offer concerns about disclosed impacts as well as give feedback on mitigations.

And believe it or not, this new practice, which is a reversal of disclosure standards, was pitched as a good thing. I guess there's nothing like hiding any nasty surprises before the draft environmental impact report hits the streets for public review.

With visions of the developer-influenced delete button working overtime, the should-have-been-controversial policy was instead packaged as just another nifty timesaver.

As follow-up, an e-mail was sent to the Department of Environmental Review, asking if the public could preview the undoctored material at the same time as project applicants. Presented with an ethical dilemma, the director agreed that such an arrangement could be made, if a citizen made the request.


You can read it all here.


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Chand and Sac County "non-planning"

Nice article in the Sac Bee Sunday, Candy. Great to hear the position about good development and bad development, and how it relates to the economic strength of the County, particularly in this down market. Obviously responsibility and control are the key in development, yet this County is apparently out of control, as evident by the huge budget deficit relating to "non-planning" decisions. Also interesting to read the SacBee online blog related to this article, and how other County residents feel about the whole planning, EIR and development process, the actors, and its implications on our future. search sacbee.com for chand and the article and blog.

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Pro or Con

Many of us sit quietly using our psychic energy in support of Candy. I know many read but don't comment. Whether one see's the development in a pro or con way, her method of getting the facts out for those of us hindered in our many different ways, is admirable. At times like this when I can only rehash my feelings, I instead say, I am listening, reading and prepared to be counted when the time comes.

Here's to the spirit of Candy and all who enter into the debate pro and con.

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Three cheers for Candy! The county's ongoing enthusiasm for development seems to ignore the many potential social, environmental and public sector cost problems. Done well, development isn't automatically bad. Good planning takes time and input from citizens as well as developers. Fast tracking residential and commercial projects is an easy way to create long term problems. 

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