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Anybody Else Lose The Disney Channel?

My channel 2 Disney Channel on RMA Cable is all snow.  Did it move or did we lose it or is it just my TV?


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Disney Channel and BET

Scott, I first noticed the Disney Channel (RMA Channel 2) being unviewable after hours (Association time) since last Friday. As an aside, the BET channel (RMA Channel 48) has seemed to go by the wayside for the past week, too. They're slowing disappearing one by one.  Wink

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Channel 2

Now I'm thinking of Dish. What happened to the only kids channel?

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Here is the problem with

Here is the problem with having a barebon "staff" no one to man the main control. If someone was monitoring the channels this would have been resolved quickly, insteadwe have to wait until someone complains to Barbara. I was using th comments feature on rm.org but was discouraged from doing so. Too bad because it got things done.

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Disney Channel Back Soon!

RMA is waiting for a modular part to reinstate the Disney Channel, should have arrived last Friday but hopefully today or tomorrow.

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Re: Disney Channel and BET

Disney Channel (RMA Channel 2) was back up before noon Monday. BET (RMA Channel 48) is still out.

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Thank You

Thank You everyone for your helpful comments.  My 5 year is a happy girl again.  Definately considering other options though.  We had a rough time losing disney channel for our Saturday morning cartoons!!!!



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As with much of this...

This all comes down to poor communication from RMA.


If the RMA web-site was updated and utilized like it could, we would have known that they were working on the problem, and waiting for a part. People don't rush to the RMA site for a reason...it's not a reliable source for information/communication.


Communication about problems/efforts to fix things needs to vastly improve. Then maybe, just maybe, all the conspiracy and mud slinging about cable operations will die down (okay, not all, but some...there will always be people that complain until they get everything they want, and make mountain out of a mole hill).


Thanks for fixing the problem with Disney Channel. Now let's work on communication with the membership.

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