About Rancho Murieta

This page has basic information about Rancho Murieta, including the cost of living here, the community's governmental bodies, its history and more.  There are videos about life in the community too.

Rancho Murieta is a planned and gated golf community in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento. It's actually several communities, the chief ones being Rancho Murieta North and Rancho Murieta South, each surrounding an 18-hole championship golf course. There's also Rancho Murieta Village.

The golf courses are part of Rancho Murieta Country Club, which offers some of the best golf to be found in Northern California.

The 3,500 acres of Rancho Murieta are a private refuge -- no hunting is allowed -- so our rolling hills are full of wildlife and our lakes are full of fish.

Rancho Murieta is 25 miles from downtown Sacramento but has shopping available at Murieta Plaza, across Jackson Highway from RM North's gate. Produce from area farms is available all around.

Area schools are part of the Elk Grove Unified School District. (There's more information about schools here.)

The development of Rancho Murieta was started by the Operating Engineers Union Local 3 in the early 1970s. The heavy equipment operators chose this site as a training school. They constructed the reservoirs, streets and sites for Rancho Murieta's subdivisions. The first homes appeared in the mid-1970s, and development of the community continues.

The community is governed and serviced by several elected bodies, chiefly the Community Services District and the Rancho Murieta Association. You'll find more about the governing bodies, as well as the community's rules and regulations, here.

The driving speed limit throughout the community is 25 mph to protect our residents and the wildlife.

Government: Community Services District

The Community Services District provides water and security services throughout Rancho Murieta. Here is a directory of officials, meeting information and recent news coverage.

Government: Murieta Village Association

The association's role is to establish, adopt and enforce the CC&R's governing the use and maintenance of common areas and facilities for the benefit of all Murieta Village residents.

Government: Rancho Murieta Association

The Rancho Murieta Association enforces homeowner rules and regulations. Here is information on the officers, directors, committees and meeting information.

How RM gets and handles its water

Our water is taken from the Cosumnes River at the Granlees Dam and pumped into Lake Calero, Lake Chesbro and Lake Clementia during the rainy season, from Nov. 1 to May 31. We use the stored water throughout the year.

At capacity, these lakes could handle a fully developed Rancho Murieta's water needs for at least two years.



Lake Clementia, a swimming hole in summer, is one of the lakes that holds our water.


Modern-day history of Murieta

Here's a look at the modern-day history of Rancho Murieta, from the 1960s to the present, with photographs and memorabilia collected through the years. This history, which walks you through the community's story decade by decade, is built on facts gathered through the years by RM.com and photos gathered by neighbors and community organizations.

Rancho Murieta, by the numbers

Here are monthly costs for dues and fees, as well as information about schools, the community's population and the area's weather.