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Bucket of fish

Rancho Murieta’s fish population got a boost Tuesday as 400 catfish and 200 bluegills found a new home in Laguna Joaquin. Luke Leonard of Fresh Water Fish Company released buckets of both at two coves on the lake known to be breeding areas for midge flies.  Rancho Murieta Association Maintenance Manager Rod Hart and RMA Director Larry Shelton, who oversaw the release, explained that the fish are part of an effort to control the insect infestations, improve water quality and add to recreational fishing at the lake. Shelton is the co-chair of the Midge Fly Ad Hoc Committee. Last month the RMA board voted to spend $1,800 to stock the lake, sharing the cost with Murieta Townhouses Inc., which is contributing $1,000. Below are a couple of bluegills.


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