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Many of you have shared terrific shots of bald eagles at our back lakes, but here's a first rarity: A terrific photo of bald eagles taken at Laguna Joaquin. Andrew Robison took this Friday morning on the lake, behind Carreta Lane. Robison said he has seen fish carcasses beneath the tree, so maybe the eagles are feeding on the lake's carp.

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awesome pics!

My hubby & I have been watching the two babies growing up...they are really big now, so these poor parents are working as hard as they can to feed themselves and bring back food for their kids!

Myrna Solomon

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Beautiful shot of two beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

Robert & Marilyn Rahlf

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Eagles Return to Tree on Carreta

I have seen the Eagles in the tree on Carreta for 3 years. Was fortunate enough that the tree was right off my back deck. They perch in the same tree in almost the exact same spot every year. I have sent rm.com some of my pictures...interesting to compare from 2012 to 2015...I assume they are the same pair. One of the things I miss about RM besides having the best neighbors and friends there!!!

Cyndi Thompson

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Cyndi's photos

Thanks for sharing, Cyndi. Here are her 2012 photos of the eagles in the tree behind Carreta.



Eagle pair

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Backyard Eagles

Great Eagle pictures, I am jealous.  The Birdman of RM.

William Gengler


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