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Mute swans

Bill (Birdman) Gengler offers this family portrait and a note: "it looks like Mother Mute Swan let her babies out of the family's Bass Lake nest she has been sitting in for weeks. And mom and dad are swimming around with them on the lake.  Nice looking group!" Bill Gengler, along with 160 nature photos and his wealth of knowledge, will be addressing the Kiwanis Club at 7 p.m. tonight at the Villas Clubhouse. The public is invited. Birdman adds, "I will also answer questions about how easy it was to take these pictures and how the attendees might be able to do the same thing with very reasonably priced cameras and iPhones."

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Turning tables on the photographer

Bill Gengler

Because his birds don't return the favor, we thought we would bring you a photo of Bill (Birdman) Gengler, for those who don't know him. Bill has been photographing Rancho Murieta's nature, with a special emphasis on birds, for decades. He presented a show of his photos at Thursday night's Kiwanis meeting. The projector didn't do justice to his shots, which have been featured on these pages for years. Below are a few, but only a few. Bill's one of the people who make Rancho Murieta a special place.

See his photo galleries here.

Mute swans




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Birds and Bees and Me

Thanks for the nice comments and thanks Kiwanis for the opportunity to show you 160 creature features!  Enjoyed the night. Birdman


William Gengler


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