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Two 13-year-old boys say they were approached in Rancho Murieta South by a male stranger who asked if they wanted a ride in his car and offered them candy to get in.  Instead, Security says, the boys ran and hid until the car drove off and then went home and told their parents.

The incident occurred about 3:20 p.m. Saturday at Reynosa Drive and Murieta South Parkway, Security Chief Greg Remson reported Monday afternoon.

Remson said the boys described the man as a tan white male, 20 to 25 years old, with short or shaved black hair.  The boys reported he was driving a black, four-door car, Remson said.

Remson said the parents were encouraged to call the sheriff’s department to report the incident.

“The boys did a good job with the way they handled the incident,” Remson wrote in an email.  He reminded parents to reinforce the way their children response to incidents like this.  The sheriff’s web site has information on child safety.

Last month, two girls reported being approached by a white man in his 50s at Riverview Park and being asked their names and addresses, an incident that has not been solved.  Another incident a day later was explained as an innocent interaction by a Murietan who explained what happened.

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