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Security received reports of thefts from three vehicles that occurred overnight Saturday. Chief Greg Remson said Tuesday that items taken from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways on Pera and Lago Drives on the North and on Murieta South Parkway included 20 CDs, keys, a radio adapter, a ring and a GPS device.

"Don't leave property in your cars, and lock them up," Remson reminded residents.  "And call us if you see or hear anything you think is out of the ordinary because we will certainly go and take a look in the area." Contact Security dispatch by calling 354-2273 (CARE).

The victim of one of the thefts posted a classified ad on RM.com offering a $1,000 reward for the return of stolen jewelry.

In addition to notifying Security, crime victims are encouraged to file a report with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, Remson said. "They read their statistics, they see that things are going on, and that helps get us officers out here."

Remson said he recently asked sergeants to send deputies here and since then Security officers have noted an increase in sheriff's patrols.

Anyone with information on a crime is encouraged to contact the Sacramento Sheriff's Department at 874-4354 or WeTip at 800-78-CRIME (27463). Callers to WeTip can be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward and can remain anonymous. WeTip can also be contacted online at wetip.com. Information received is provided to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department for follow up.

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Car Thefts

These are crimes of opportunity....you give them the opportunity and they will do the crime!!!! 

I don't know how many times our Security has warned us to LOCK IT UP and still we can't seem to get the concept!!!!  Folks, we are in charge of our own properties...cars, homes and whatever we own...and if we don't take care of these things responsibly, we will lose them to someone looking to take it away from us......

If you need to make a report with the Sheriff Department, you can contact the Safety Center any time of the day or night.....phone messages are checked several times a day and returned promptly.



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Our condolences on those who were robbed. The reward is a good idea. I agree with Jacque and Security about locking vehicles. The core issue is that we have organized, ongoing theft. In addtion to prevention - we need to keep talking about how to catch the criminals. 

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Lindero Lane

Here on Lindero Lane we had a rash of problems last night with multiple car tires slashed and other damage. Obviously pisses me off and would love to catch these kids in the act. I was one of the lucky ones with only 1 tire slashed compared to some others with multiple tires.

Hopefully we can catch them before they cost too much more damage




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Security Issues

Sorry to hear that Todd - that is so low. 

Wondering if we need to set up some kind of "Town Hall" meeting to discuss these issues - i.e. what is happening and what is being done (or can be done) about it.  It is out of hand.  I'd be happy to work on it with others but can't do it alone.  Maybe Kiwanis, Rotary, RMA, CSD could all work on it together?


Betsy Guzzetta

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Would it surprise anyone to learn that many of the crimes committed lately are being done by the same group of teenagers? This problem has gotten completely out of control, and security is seemingly powerless to do anything about it. We need to catch and prosecute these criminals, and I would volunteer for a citizen's patrol.

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We moved from Fair Oaks because of break-ins there. But little troubled gangs here is very discouraging. Expect them to be emboldened as they continue without consequence . Will we start to have break-ins for cash and liquor by next year? Drug sales in the parks? Or is that already happening? A community that stands together is much stronger to stop these problems than neighbors that think nothing bad will happen to them and do nothing. "Evil is done by good people who stand by and do nothing". We do need a town hall meeting to find some solutions. We can work with our security folks and find a solution.

Nancy Price

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@ Nancy

Hate to tell you but drug sales have been going on for years at the park at the front gate!



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Put up a banner


I agree that these acts are probably being perpetrated by a small group with one or two bad apples leading the pack. If there are more they are most likely going along for the thrill.

Regardless of how many there are, somebody out there knows them or who they might be. Why they aren't pointing a finger anonymously is a mystery to me. These may be "good kids" acting badly, but they need to be shown the consequences of their actions, including buying a bunch of new tires, returning stolen items, etc.

Evidently the message that those who know something need to contact the proper authorities isn't getting through. Maybe they don't read the paper or don't frequent this website, but if a banner were erected near the front gate with the WeTip phone number, website and notice of a reward for anonymous information somebody might feel compelled to do the right thing. 

I don't think we need a network of cameras around here. They wouldn't be very effective on our many dark streets. We just need citizens to take seriously their responsibility as part of a small community to respond with information when they know about illegal activities being performed in our neighborhoods. 

What can you do to protect yourself short of putting in your own security camera? Motion detectors on your outdoor garage or front yard lights can be a good deterrent. Sneak thieves and rowdies don't like light...somebody might be watching.

 Craig Sheumaker

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Yes, Craig and everyone

You're all so correct.  In addition, we need the parents of these punks to step up and act like parents.  Are they afraid their kids won't "like" them anymore or will think they aren't "cool"? 

My husband just commented that he never in his 66 years of life has ever, ever even considered doing anything that reeked of vandalism or - to call it what it really is - CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.  His parents had rules and taught him appropriate behavior and wouldn't have tolerated any of the behaviors we've seen here in the last couple of years.  If he had ever done something such as this, he would have been required to earn the money to repay the owners for their tires by picking up dog poop in the yards in the neighborhood for a $1.00 an hour or something similarly unappealing.  They wouldn't have paid off his debt and they would have made sure he followed through.  But, more importantly, they taught him appropriate behavior, responsibility and more respect for others upfront and, as a result, he would never have gotten into such a situation.

The parents of these kids are either totally blind to their activities or too chicken to be parents or too naive in believing their kids lies. 


And I call these criminals 'kids' because regardless of their chronilogical age, they are children, not adults.  Adulthood is not merely a matter of age; it's more a matter of behavior.

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You are all correct in your assesment of this problem but no one has hit the root. These parents don't care what their kids are up to. They never have been in the almost 20 years I have lived here. Brings to mind the statement "I'm going to sue you if you try to prosecute or give my kids any kind of problem". Folks, wake up , it's not the kids, it's the parents! Don't let them come to my house becasue they won't like the result.




John Hein

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