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A house on Terreno Drive was damaged when a neighbor’s vehicle left the garage across the street where it was being worked on, crossed the street and crashed backwards into the home about 11 a.m. Tuesday. The residents were out, and the vehicle's owner was uninjured. “Nobody was hurt, just the car and the house,” said Security Chief Jeff Werblun at the scene.  He said the vehicle was a classic Shelby Cobra replica kit car. The owner did not want to talk about the accident.

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More about the car crash...

Security logs for Tuesday add the following details: "While the engine was running, the vehicle had a mechanical malfunction. The vehicle lunged forward and struck the garage wall. The owner and driver put the car into reverse. The vehicle then rapidly accelerated in reverse out of the garage, went across the street and came to rest with the rear of the vehicle through the wall of the house and into the front room."

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