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Bill ArmstrongBill Armstrong, who has been the Country Club’s volunteer general manager for nearly three years, announced Thursday that he’s stepping down.

Armstrong, who’s also a candidate for election to the board, made the announcement in his “GM Update” newsletter, which goes to club members. He said he will be a consultant to the club but wants to spend more time with his wife, Barbara, and their new rescue dog, Sadie.

He came on as interim GM at the end of 2014 for what was supposed to be a 90-day run. His announcement says, “Well, circumstances have been such that it has not been practical to bring on a full-time GM due to cost and associated issues with the club.”

Armstrong said the interim GM responsibilities will be handled by Rodney Muller, who joined the Country Club from Empire Ranch, where he was the course superintendent as well as serving as acting general manager for a time.

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Thoughts on Bill Armstrong

We asked Vince Lepera, the club president, for thoughts about Bill Armstrong's work as a volunteer GM. His reply:

I first met Bill when he was running for the Board, as he attended every board meeting for over a year, just listening and taking notes.  From that day forward I greatly admired the man as you just knew he was a man of integrity and someone who greatly cared about the club and its members.

During the time, we shared together being on Board and how hard we were working on the finances of the club, it became apparent to Board that a different direction was needed, Bill immediately stepped up and asked, “what can I do to help” thus I asked him to assume the GM position until we found a replacement.  That was a couple of years ago even though I tell him it was like yesterday. 

Bill never once brought an agenda into the GM role, other than to treat members and employees fairly. 

Bill’s experience in management and just the common-sense approach to the club’s problems were extremely helpful as he’s been able work with the staff and board to stop the black hole of our losses and has working closely with our Union issues.

Bill worked tirelessly on the purchase of the club and to this day he continues to make sure we reach that goal.

I also want to thank his wife Barbara as she’s had to endure the long hours, late phone calls and other things. 

Finally, I am happy to see that Bill is running for the Board as he’s the perfect person to continue being a voice for all of membership.

This club owes Bill a huge “thank you”!

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Bill Armstrong

This couldn't have been said better. Bill took on this thankless task, pro bono, for three years. The Club owes him a debt of gratitude.

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