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Almost two years ago, Rancho Murieta became part of the South Bureau of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in a plan to cut deputy response time and increase law-enforcement presence. That short-lived era comes to an end this month with the closure of the South Bureau.  According to Lt. Rosie Enriquez, commander of the South Bureau, “all the service centers and Bond Station (in Elk Grove) where the deputies have been deployed from (are) all slated to close July 31 by order of the sheriff.” 

Enriquez said the South Bureau officers are expected to “still be deployed out in this area. I venture to say they would probably end up at Central Station, which is at 65th and Florin at the Florin Mall. That would be the closest one.”  Asked if response time would be affected by the closure, Enriquez replied, “I would imagine so.”

At Rancho Murieta's Joint Security Committee meeting Wednesday, Community Services District Security Chief Greg Remson said the James L. Noller Safety Center, one of four South Bureau centers slated to close, will remain available to deputies. “We’re going to keep the key in the lock box so deputies can have access to that any time they want since we pay for it,” he told committee members.

The CSD installed the prefabricated building for the center at its own expense.  It’s staffed by residents who serve with Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff (VIPS).  The Sheriff’s Department provides an officer to supervise the center three days a week  “and we’ve only got two very part-time volunteers,” Remson said.


Jacque Villa, one of the first residents to join Volunteers In Partnership with the Sheriff, received a five-year service award in 2009. She plans to continue as a Sheriff’s Department volunteer after the safety center closes. (2007 file photo)

By contrast, the Wilton Service Center is “really like a substation,” he said. “You’ve got deputies that work out of that. ... That’s why I want to keep ours available. ...  I’d rather have them out here than at the Central Station.”

Remson said centers throughout the county are closing July 31 “clearly due to budget cuts. ... The Sheriff’s Department is putting all their resources into patrol services.”

Enriquez said the South Bureau is staffed by 22 deputies, one sergeant, one lieutenant and four records officers, and it covers 554 square miles, from Rancho Murieta to the city of Elk Grove, to El Dorado and Amador counties, and down to the Antioch bridge.

Enriquez said the “small cadre of officers --  dedicated officers I might add -- really loved working in the community. ... We would like to stay here ... and keep the same relationships....”

She said Wilton and Walnut Grove residents have called and sent e-mails to Sheriff John McGinness and Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli and “been extremely vocal about their displeasure at the entire South Bureau closing. You are the taxpayers.”

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Sheriff says protection will continue as before

The Sheriff's Department today released the final edition of the South County News, a monthly newsletter for people in our part of Sacramento County.

It includes a letter from Sheriff John McGinness in which he promises deputies will continue their usual patrol duties in the south county and the same level of service will be maintained despite the budget-mandated cutbacks.  But he acknowledges these deputies will be pulled into other parts of the county if the need arises and they'll be dispatched from 65th and Florin instead of Bond Station in Elk Grove or the South Bureau service centers.

See a PDF of the newsletter.

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I wonder if this also isn't

I wonder if this also isn't a way to get voters in the unincorporated part of Sacramento County to vote in the CSA 11 tax that the sheriff's dept has wanted for so many years?  If it does come to this, personally, if our area is going to have to pay more for law enforcement, I would much rather pay for local control. 



Too bad we couldn't preserve the authority that our security officers used to have - that was a huge loss for our community that the CSD board endorsed.


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Why should we pay more for SSD services? We not only pay our fair share in taxes but we also pay for our Security. We get double dipped out here and we do not get the attention that So. Sac gets. Granted, they have a lot of crime over there but is it fair to punish those that live in the unincorporated areas? I don't think so...I would never vote for that tax.

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Jacque, technically we were only double-dipped when our security actually had some police powers.  That was the basis of getting RM off the hook of paying the fee previously, which I'm told is exactly what happened.  However, we can no longer make that claim (thanks CSD board!) :(


If the SSD ever wants to get that tax, they are going to have to convince the public how necessary it is in order to provide services.  I do not know if this tax is still on the drawing board, but in 2007, it seems like this was a long term goal.    It will be interesting to see where this goes. 

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