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[Updated 11:40 a.m.] There is a report on Facebook Friday morning about an overnight car burglary on Guadalupe Drive. The Sheriff's Department and Rancho Murieta Security said they knew nothing about the crime, but the victim said he had reported it immediately to both operations.

Here's the Facebook post, by Marc Shinkle:

Please read this! Everyone check vehicles that were left outside last night. I live on Guadalupe and my truck robbed last night. They got away with several thousand dollars worth of stuff. Tools, brand new iPad still in the box, keys and I am sure more stuff that I will discover missing later. The one night I don’t lock my truck is the night I get ripped off. I am super pissed. What the hell is going on in this community.

Contacted by RanchoMurieta.com Friday morning, both Security and the Sheriff's Department said they knew nothing of the crime. 

In a phone interview, Shinkle said he called the North Gate at 6:10 or 6:15 a.m. and reported the crime, providing his name and PIN number to the gate officer. "He told me there's nothing I need to do, that I needed to call the Sheriff's Department," Shinkle said. "I called the non-emergency number at the Sheriff's Department; the guy told me, 'Go online, fill out a report. That's all we can do.'"

Shinkle said he did as instructed and received an email confirmation of his filed report at 8:12 a.m.

"I know the services we're getting from Sac County, and it's a joke," Shinkle said, adding, "I mean, we have zero police protection out here. Zero."

Looking to be proactive, the Sheriff's Department had an officer in the community Friday morning, trying to gather information about the crime, but the department didn't know the victim's name or how to reach him. (The forwarding of the Facebook post did not include Shinkle's name.)

Laurie Costello of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department shared this information about vehicle burglary:

Vehicle Burglary - A Crime of Opportunity

Vehicle Burglary is most often a crime of opportunity. It takes 20 seconds for someone to break into a vehicle, grab things like purses, bags, phones, other electronics, a car stereo, important papers or anything else that looks useful or valuable, and take off. It takes even less time if the vehicle is unlocked.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • LOCK your vehicle and take the keys
  • PARK carefully in well lighted areas
  • USE anti-theft devices
  • Remove all valuables; do not leave anything in it
  • Hide the garage door opener
  • UTILIZE your garage to park in, if possible
  • MARK it; use an engraver to mark property
  • REPORT suspicious activity or persons to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at (916) 874-5115, for crimes in progress call 9-1-1.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is doing everything it can to be proactive in Rancho Murieta, including paying attention to social media posts that mention crime and crime related trends. Please help us prevent crime in your neighborhood by locking your vehicles and removing all items, sharing this post with your neighbors and reporting ALL crime to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

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Theft from a vehicle last night in RM

Thank you Laurie Costello, I checked my office phone and no one had called to report this event.

Jacque Villa VIPS Sacramento Sheriff Department.

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Security, Sheriff's Department on overnight crime

About the reports that didn’t seem to be there:

Rancho Murieta Security Chief Jeff Werblun said it is normal operating procedure for the patrol officers to handle the call and then brief him after once they have the information. In this instance, the victim spoke to the officer on the phone when he called the gate. "That was after he posted it on Facebook," Werblun said in an email, "so we got the information late." After interacting with RM.com this morning, Werblun said he was briefed on the incident. "The Sheriff’s Dept responded," Werblun wrote, "and is working the investigation, which is out of our hands now."

Sheriff’s Capt. James Barnes said when you file an online report with the sheriff, it goes into a queue and is prioritized for handling by the department. Filing an online report doesn’t create a “call for service” that’s immediately available to deputies on patrol, Barnes said, which is why a check this morning didn’t show that a report had been filed.

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Law enforcement whitin Rancho Murieta

Theft's within Rancho Murieta Please report it to the sheriff - Sherriff department  Laurie Costello 916-876-8322 or 916 874-5115 (press zero).You can also report this crime's to the safety center "James L. Noller Safety Center " at 916-354-8509" The Safety Center is staffed by Sheriff Volunteers (VIPS) Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff. And lastly since CSD " Rancho Murieta Community Services District" Security cannot do any  thing about law enforcement they are the last to report a crime too! So why bother reporting it to them. Do not waste your time. Does the CHP still have an office at James Noller safety center? Does any know the answer to this question? look at the link below



Is the James Noller safety center still  used by the sheriff office and CHP : California highway patrol to this day?

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What really happened

I went out to my truck yesterday to go to work and discovered Inhad been ripped off. I called RM security and spoke to the security guard on duty and he instructed me to file a repert with Sac  S.O. They made no investigative inquiries nor did they even come look at my truck. I followed his instruction and called the Sac S.O. non emergency line and got a dispatcher who told me they wouldn’t come out and I should just file an online report. Which I did. The dispatcher didnt offer any other assistance. I met with officer Haney yesterday afternoon and he was very helpful. A little late but helpful.

Marc Shinkle

14784 Guadalupe

Rancho Murieta Ca


916 214 6214

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The James Nollar Safety Center

Answer to the question, " Is the James Nollar Safety Center still used by the Sheriff and CHP "!!

The Safety Center is used by the SSD VIPS and the SSD Deputies in our area.  Originally, an office was set up for CHP but they NEVER used it or came into our building. 

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WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE?  The thief that stole from me had more rights than I do.....she was supposed to do a year without bail but she had her hand slapped and will be out in a couple months......she got through the gate dropping off people and checking out the houses for 5 years as a wanted/convicted felon. She slandered me until I got a restraining order on her (I asked for a one year and 100 yards but after the judge saw what she had done the judge upped it to five years and 200 yards). Through the process, she was put in Jail in Jackson-Amador County Jail for a previous crime of theft/embezzlement. I got little help from security but the sheriff had this happen to his grandmother and he understood and was very helpful. The truck that was stolen out of storage was found trashed and found on Bradshaw Road. LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY. A thief does not look or act like a thief....they are friendly, charming, practiced at their craft, and they know what to go for.....they are children and adults. CALL THE SHERIFF AND INSIST THEY COME OUT AND TAKE A REPORT! The sheriff's department needs to know we are having problems out here SO WE CAN GET HELP FROM THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT. ALSO, CALL SHERIFF LAURIE COSTELLO.

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Rancho Murieta " The here and now"

Check it out on youtube: Rancho Murieta "The here and now"

Jeff and Sue Kohlhardt

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