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Below is one portion of the Community Services District's "Candidates Night" meeting Thursday. Here are links to the other sections:

Bob Kjome: This question is: As a board member how would you represent all of the district customers vs. just a small percentage of people that comment or complain to you? This one rang a bell from my experience on the board. So why don't we start in the middle with Randy, why don't you go first?

Randy Jenco: I'm good at that. I've got a lot of experience ignoring squeaky wheels. I'm not a squeaky wheel guy. And I recognize that there are a lot of various groups in the CSD including people outside of the RMA boundaries, so ... now I'm all about thinking about everybody that's involved with any decision.

Bob Kjome: Comments on that answer? All right, seeing none. We'll move on to Martin to answer this second question.

Martin Pohll: Well, I think we need to determine if the vocal interests that you're talking about are actually related to the mission of the CSD and the core services that they provide. If they are, then I think we need to listen to those people and learn what they're trying to tell us and implement changes if it's necessary. If the issues are outside the mission of the CSD, we need to stay out of it, I think. And in the end, I think we need to be fair and equitable with everyone, but sometimes these issues are outside our purview, or the CSD's purview and maybe we need to go find some political assistance to solve those problems. If you want to talk about a road outside the district boundaries, like Stonehouse Road or Scott Road or something like that, well maybe we can go out and exert some influence on political people to get those things done.

Sometimes we need to go outside our area to get things done, but I think that answers it.

Bob Kjome: Okay, thank you, Martin. Comments on that answer? All right, we will move on to Linda, question number two.

Linda Butler: I really think that it's important to know who the district's customers are. Sometimes the groups within the district are forgotten or don't really get the attention that they deserve and require. So, I think staying on top of who our customers are is very important. Squeaky wheels get the grease for a reason. It's important to listen to them, but then you have to either direct them to who can help them or figure out ways it can be taken care of.

Bob Kjome: Comments on that answer? All right, let's move on to Tim Maybee.

Tim Maybee: Thank you. I think the key word in your question is all the customers. We've got ranchers downstream with water access, right? We've got people outside quote-unquote the gates of Murieta, so there are a lot of customers that we deal with and obviously with the new development coming in, it's going to be a new customer, if you will, for the district that we haven't seen before.

As a former RMA board member, I've been able to piss off everybody in the neighborhood. So when it comes to that squeaky wheel, I think Randy said it best: You have to know why they're making the noise. I think Martin said it best: What is the purview of CSD? I'll pick on a group that's very vocal, SOLOS. They want a viewshed, they want this open space. They're very vocal about it. I appreciate that. I don't agree with it. That's not my commitment to the board, so you have to know who the customers are and what are those expectations.

And again, are the expectations of the community matching up to the available capacity in the services that CSD is delivering? Thank you.

Bob Kjome: Thank you. Comments on that answer? Okay, I see none. We will move on to Jerry.

Jerry Pasek: You know one of the things we have here is the issue of transparency, and the board and the district uses the Pipeline and other methods to get out their message, and we need to look a little bit at the social media that floats around here to determine what the community, quote unquote, and particularly the squeaky wheels because sometimes it's always the same people that are pouring a little grease on the wheel....

But the issue that's coming up, is one in security in particular, with respect to the services that security will support for the commercial environment. And/or what's expected for the hotel support? And/or the Villages or any of that sort of thing. We tend to concentrate on what's behind the gates, but the bigger issue I think is outside the gates.

Bob Kjome: Good point. Comments on that answer? Okay, why don't we move on to Ron, question two.

Ron Amarante: Well, the main thing is, willing to work with other district groups, know what they want and listen to them. Help them in any way that I can and the squeaky wheel will squeak for a reason. We'll try to solve what squeaks and just be there for them and work with them.

Bob Kjome: Thank you. Comments? Okay, Morrie?

Morrison Graf: Well, the question of the squeaky wheels is always one of the hardest things to get over in terms of trying to understand what does your community need, what do people really want? Because like you say, it's really the people that are upset and have something to say that are going to come up and attend meetings and listen to the discussions and so on, because they obviously want something.

Whereas others in the community, if they're not as strong, aren't coming forward. So to try to draw that out, is something actually ... is on the board, the whole time I've been on the board has been a question of how to do that, how to get more community input. And the board has been pushing for much more of a ... pushing for the town hall type scenario.

So, we have a security town hall in conjunction with RMA coming up. Mark led the initiative on the trails. And there was again, the combined RMA/CSD meeting while walking the trails. So, it is hard to get beyond your social (circle). Certainly out here in Murieta, there are enough social events that a lot of times you can hit a broad cross-section, but you're never really sure how do you get everybody. We have, in the past, CSD has tried having social surveys and if you get 15 percent, that's a great feeling and yet ... it's generally the people that have something specific that they want to get across, they're the ones responding to it. There is no easy way to do it, it just takes ... you got to get out and talk to as many people as you possibly can.

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