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In its September "Pipeline" newsletter, the Community Services District responds to community concerns and questions about Rancho Murieta Security by explaining the department's role and functions. In short: They protect the community by being visible; in the face of criminal conduct, they are expected to "observe and report," not act; their power to make an arrest is the same citizen's arrest power you hold. As the newsletter says, "The authority and functions of District Security Officers are similar to those provided by private security firms."

The full Pipeline is available here. But here's the part about Security, which covers the front of the newsletter and part of the back:


There have been some questions as to what the role of the District’s Security Department is in Rancho Murieta. The authority and functions of District Security Officers are similar to those provided by private security firms.

Exemptions from Private Security Services Act

  • District Security Officers are exempt from licensing requirements, as they are employees of a political subdivision of the State. However; the District requires its Security Officers to be licensed for training purposes and because Patrol Officers are required to carry a firearm.
  • Our Patrol Officers are additionally certified by the Calif Dept of Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)

Primary Function

  • The primary function of District Security Officers is to protect persons and property through the prevention of criminal conduct by being visible in the community.
  • Where prevention of criminal conduct is not possible, the function of the Security Officer is to observe and report to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (SSD) and/or California Highway Patrol (CHP).  

District Security Officers Are Not Peace Officers

  • Peace Officers are defined by statute.
  • District Security Officers are not classified under any category of law enforcement or as quasi‐law enforcement officers.
  • Off‐duty peace officers sometimes augment the District security force.

Authority to Make Arrests

  • The authority of District Security Officers to make an arrest is the same as private citizen making a citizen’s arrest.
  • After a District Security Officer makes an arrest, the Security Officer must turn the person who has been arrested over to the SSD/CHP without delay.
  • If a person resists arrest, the Security Officer is allowed, but not required, to use reasonable force to subdue the person.


  • Except in limited situations, a District Security Officer does not have the authority to detain a person without affecting an arrest.
  • Weapons Search
  • When a District Security Officer has reason to believe that a person has a weapon and intends to harm him/herself or another person, the District Security Patrol Officer is entitled to perform a search of that person.
  • A District Security Officer is entitled to search a suspect for a weapon while making an arrest, if the Security Officer has reason to believe he or she is in physical danger.

Citation Authority

  • District Security Officers have the authority to issue misdemeanor citations for violation of state law and county ordinances if the violation occurs on RMCSD owned property and in the presence of the Security Officer issuing the citation.
  • District Security Officers have the authority to issue citationsfor violations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of homeowner associations within the District.

* Of the 320 Community Services Districts in California, Rancho Murieta is the only one that operates an in‐house security service. Four (4) other Community Services Districts provide security services through a contract with a private security company.

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OBSERVE  AND  REPORT -  NOT ACT -  Security's Role

Thank for clarifying security's role.....I learned the hard way and it has changed since I first came here 30yrs ago. People of Rancho Murieta are under a total misconception. Security does not always notify the Sheriff's Department. Call the Sheriff first and then call Security.  I was told by security, "If security saw a ladder leaning against a house and a burglar with a mask on was coming down the ladder with a handful of jewels, security could do nothing except observe and report."......LOCK UP  LOCK UP  LOCK UP......We are not in Disneyland anymore.  We need more Sheriff's presence in Murieta.....There is a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEETING at RMA building, September 22, 11 to 1 ......SHERIFF  COSTELLO  IS HOLDING THE MEETING     


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