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A three-day test of the Community Services District’s automated emergency notification system will take place this month. The CSD will use the system to alert residents and businesses by phone when there is a public safety emergency -- drinking water contamination, evacuations, missing children, fires or floods, law enforcement emergencies, chemical spill or gas leak, or other emergencies. The phone calls will provide a recorded message with information about the emergency.

Security Chief Greg Remson told the CSD Security Committee Friday that the test will make residents aware of the system and remind them to update their phone numbers with the CSD.

The test is being conducted at no cost by the service provider,  Emergency Communications Network Inc. CodeRED Emergency Notification System. CodeRED will be checking how many calls per minute the local phone infrastructure can handle, validating the working numbers in the system and eliminating “dead numbers,” Remson said.

He described some of the features of the notification system to the committee. A “paintbrush tool” will allow the CSD to notify specific areas of the district once it’s correctly adjusted (currently, it’s “off” by 50 to 100 yards, he said). Calling lists also provide the flexibility to notify different segments of the community. “It’s a pretty good set-up,” Remson concluded.

The CSD began contracting for the service in 2008 at an annual cost of $5,000.

Remson said residents will be notified when CodeRED is ready to conduct the test.

Going forward, the CSD plans to conduct its own test of the system annually around the first week of February.

Incidents of note in January

Remson provided the committee with a memo summarizing incidents of note that occurred in January. It included the following :

  • On Jan. 11, a report of a burglary from a vacant house was filed with the Sheriff’s Department by Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff.
  • On Jan. 13, Security contacted two groups of local juveniles and young adults at Clementia Park following a report of drug dealing there. The groups admitted possessing marijuana. The Sheriff’s Department was notified and responded for follow-up.
  • On Jan. 22, a plastic bottle containing a “possible flammable liquid” was found on Cazador in Murieta North and the fire department was notified.  Asked about the incident at the committee meeting, Remson said, “It appears to be a kid’s homemade experiment. It didn’t appear that their intention was to burn down a house or anything like that. It was more like kids messing around.”

The security logs for January are available here.

Rancho Murieta Association rule violation citations

Speeding and stop-sign violations topped the list of 72 RMA rule violation citations for January. There were 36 citations issued for speeding and 14 citations for stop-sign violations. Other violations included 10 citations for driveway parking and seven for overnight street parking.

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