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The Community Services District will conduct a test of its new emergency phone system on Tuesday, contacting all of Rancho Murieta to inform neighbors about the system and giving instructions on how to update and add contact information.

The test will begin in the morning and work through all of the phone numbers in the system, delivering a recorded message to residents or their answering machines. Because it's the first use of the system, called CodeRED, it's not known how long this will take, Security Chief Greg Remson said Wednesday. 

Tuesday's message will direct neighbors to the CSD's web site to add additional contact information or to contact Security to add numbers.  To change or add your information, click here.  Those without Internet access can call 354-3743 at any time.

Required information includes a street address for location purposes (not a post office box) and a primary phone number.  E-mail and text addresses and secondary phone numbers can be added too.  Without contact information in the system, you can't be notified.

The CSD's web site offers examples of when the system would be used: drinking water contamination, evacuation notice and route, missing children, fires or floods, law enforcement emergency, chemical spill or gas leak and other emergency incidents.

The test is being conducted at no cost by the service provider,  Emergency Communications Network Inc. CodeRED Emergency Notification System. CodeRED will check how many calls per minute the local phone infrastructure can handle, validate the working numbers in the system and eliminate “dead numbers,” Remson has said.

The CSD began contracting for the service in 2008 at an annual cost of $5,000.  In addition to contacting the entire community, CodeRED can be used to target areas as drawn on a map or a radius of households from a certain point.

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Emergency Phone System

I did not receive a phonecall today from the Emergency Phone System. I have been a resident for more than 20 years and have had the same phone number for all those years so I wonder why no phone call.  Where did they get the numbers? Does everyone have to register to get a call?


Just wondering!!

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Phone Call

Jackie, I did not register or do anything to advise CSD but my phone rang about 10:45 this morning and it was a recorded message about the emergency system.  It advised that you call or go to the CSD web site to register any other numbers or cell phones to get them in the data base.  If you had no other phones you do not need to do anything.

With over 2500 numbers to call I would imagine they could not get around to everyone the first day.   However, I also  think that in the event  of a real emergency...I hope it does not  take days to advise the community!!!!

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We did not receive any phone call today regarding the Emergency Phone System and neither did two other Murieta residents with whom I played tennis.  We all have "354" prefixes and have lived here many years with the same number.  CSD seems to have no trouble calling us when our garage door is open!

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