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Gillian Smith from Stonehouse

Red square RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page has videos by two neighbors
Red square See a photo gallery by eight neighbors -- 45 photos from the event

Tuesday wasn't a beautiful day, but the scenery almost made up for the wind and rain as the Amgen tour cyclists came down Stonehouse Road heading for Rancho Murieta at lunchtime.  Gillian Smith shared this photo.

South Gate

Despite wind and rain, hundreds of people gathered on streets in the Rancho Murieta area to see the Amgen bike racers come by. Here, a breakaway group passes the South Gate, the first bikers to come into sight. Traffic was halted on Stonehouse and Jackson roads as the riders came by on today's stage -- from Auburn to Modesto.

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Amgen Tour

I see that your asking to send any pictures of race we got. Can I send video?  i captured a little video as they raced by. 

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Video footage by Amber Vander Dussen

Thanks Editor.  I've emailed you two short videos i took with my Iphone.  Sorry about the wind.  Use what you can.  One video was the "Breakaway" (leaders) and the other of the rest of pack (Peleton).  I was on Stone House road by the back gate.  My Iphone only let me send a short snipit of video.  I had more footage of some of our Rancho Murietians braving the cold rain and wind! Thank You Francis (hope i remembered your name correctly) for keeping me dry with your umbrella!


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Thank you, Rancho Murieta

Thanks to the 10 neighbors who shared photos and videos of the passing Amgen bike tour -- 45 photos and two videos!

  • Lynn Baugher
  • Teresa Ellis
  • Jacquie Ferguson
  • Jackie Fischer
  • Bill Gengler
  • Jeff Meyer
  • Genet Slagle
  • Gillian Smith
  • Leon Sobon
  • Amber Vander Dussen

See the photos here and the videos at the RM.com Facebook page.

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