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Drinks tent

The tent before it opens for business and the crowd arrives. (Photo by Justin Hayduk)

For the sixth year, your neighbors will brighten the community’s July 4 parade with a drinks tent to raise money to help others. This year they’ll help a neighbor who battles an extreme, debilitating form of Lyme disease.

Look for the white tents at Murieta Parkway and the first Guadalupe. You can order a bloody mary, a mimosa or even a breakfast burrito. The tent's crowd is a lot of fun, even before they order.

This year the donation jar will benefit Carissa Burton, who suffers from Lyme disease. For a decade, she has been housebound and primarily bedridden. She and her family face tens of thousands of dollars a year in uncovered medical expenses. 

You can read her story, and make a donation, at www.cureforcarissa.org

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4th of July Tent

I had NO idea that this was a fundraiser for lyme Disease. I am so appreciative and I will get the word out to all my friends. This disease has played a part in many lives and my own. I love OUR Murietians that go the extra step to help OUR community and others. Happy 4th!!!

Ashley Low

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