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The stolen camera is still missing, but a Rancho Murieta couple has recovered photos their son took before his death last month.

Candice and Richard Ray told RM.com about the theft of their son’s camera and asked the community’s help on June 4.

As it turned out, the memory card from the digital camera had been found several days before, after a neighbor called Security about a camera case that was left in a guest parking area on Buho off Rio Blanco Drive, where kids had been partying. Security Chief Greg Remson investigated and found the SD memory card among the discarded beer and drink containers.

The memory card and its pictures remained a mystery until the Rays shared their story on RM.com. The camera had been stolen from an unlocked car in their driveway the previous weekend.

"That goes to the importance of letting us know what you lose, what's going on," Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee last week about the return of the photo card. "That's good the people (who found the camera case) called because they could have just cleaned it all up and tossed it.”

On Tuesday, Candice Ray talked about what they saw in the photos -- their son, Michael, at a wedding.

She thanked Security and RM.com.

“They were great pictures … of Mike and his friends. … He was all dressed up and he looked great … smile on his face. … They're great pictures and I'm really glad that we got that,” she said. "It's a precious gift.”

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