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Reliable correspondent Bill (Natureman) Gengler provides a handful of family-oriented wildlife shots taken in Rancho Murieta and this note: "Of course the white pelicans made their yearly stop in the lake next to the Equestrian Center and the other creatures were roaming our streets with their kids.  I don't know which gate they came in, but they seem to be enjoying it here." Don't miss Bill's second photo, of the deer, which you can see if you click to continue.


Turkey mom


Bill adds, "Here is an update on the mute swans and their kids at Bass Lake. Mom and two of them. I posted a pix of the babies in their nest. The kids have grown up, haven't they?"


Final comment from Bill: "The heron who hangs at the  Equestrian Center pond hasn't shown any of the kids he/she may have.  What a fertile place to live, huh? Have a good RM day!"

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Thank you Bill

Thank you Bill, I love your pictures of our wildlife in RM.....that's what makes this community so special.....:)

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