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Sheriff’s personnel are investigating a 9-year-old Rancho Murieta girl’s report that she was attacked last week by two teenage boys who hit her in the head with a rock.  In one version of the story circulating in the community, the boys used racial epithets and taunted the girl, who is said to be African-American.

Security and the sheriff’s department would not confirm the racial aspect of the story, but they did confirm the girl said she was walking home from the school bus around 3 p.m. Friday when one of the teens hit her with a rock near Lago and Pera drives.

Deputies and emergency personnel responded.  The girl was injured by the rock, which hit her in the forehead, but she didn’t require hospitalization, according to Security. Security Logs for the day describe the suspects only as white male juveniles.

The sheriff’s department said it is investigating. A Security officer took a rock as evidence, according to a sheriff’s spokesperson.

Security Chief Greg Remson said scuffles between kids of the same age have occurred before, but an incident of this type is unusual.  “This appears to be a random incident,” he said.

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I hope there is more to this story. How about a public apology on this site from both the teens involved and their parents?

I can and will volunteer to meet the bus and help get some of these kids home if parents are working. I am outraged that this had to happen to this little girl. As a community, I would think that I'm not alone? Am I?


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Debbie .. It is an outrage, but riding the bus was alway an issue with me when my kids were in school.  Trouble just brews on the busses .. who watches what goes on .. the driver needs to drive, anyway I always heard horror stories, so chose to drive my kids.



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Stand up, show up and make kids accountable.

Boy am I out of touch! It's been too many years since my daughter was in school. Little kids should never feel threatened. Can't the drivers refuse these kids on the bus that make trouble?  Don't they have cameras on these busses?  I hate this story! Poor little girl.

My daughter got into trouble  while she was a freshman in high school. The teacher told me should could not control her.I ended up going to her class and taking the seat next to her letting her know she has to answer to me if she is out of line. It worked. I figured she would be mortified having her mother there, years later she told me she was proud (who knew). It was just the attention she was needing from me I guess ( I worked long hours back then). My employer understood how this was important to me to be there for her. It only took about 3 days of my showing up when she got the message that she needed to "fly straight" or I would always be there by her side!

I think more parents need to put these kids first. Stand up, show up, speak up and make them accountable for their actions. When we decide to have kids, it's our responsibity to put their needs first. And I don't mean running ragged taking them to activities or pretending they don't have "issues" that need to be addressed. I mean making them a part of the family and community that are responsible and accountable. It is our "job" as a parent, not looking the other way when things get hard. When things are hard, that's when it gets interesting! I had several interesting years with my daughter, then all of a sudden, she grew up!

She now drives a school bus. She loves the kids and loves the job. She's come full circle. Funny how these things happen.



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Girl hit with rock....

I rarely post comments, but, about once a year I just have to, so here it goes!  This just sickens me to hear about our kids acting so violently.  Parents, ask your kids if they witnessed this horrible incident, and if so, please  come forward and help in the investigation. SOMEONE knows who did this or has a good idea who because kids who do this love to brag about their crimes!  Also, I bet their parents know and once and for all should do something about their behavior rather than provide alibis for their kids! Parents, your denial IS NOT WORKING as your kids  continue to harrass our neighborhood. They will turn 18 very soon and you will not be able to keep them out of jail then.   Their crimes are escalating......they will be caught....help them now before its too late and they end up in jail .  

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The bus is NOT to blame

I  am saddened by what has happened to this young girl in our community and I certainly hope that the teenagers involved are caught and held responsible for their actions!  No child should ever have to experience this!

But let us not give riding the bus a bad rap here, as this attack DID NOT happen on the bus.  According to the story, it happened on the streets of our own community, which is not tolerable and we should all be outraged.  Nor did it mention that the teenagers involved were on the bus with this 9 year old girl.  It is my experience that the teenagers are on a different bus from the elementary school age children.  I don't believe the bus system or bus driver are to blame. 

We are very fortunate to still have bus service in Rancho Murieta, especially for us parents that work and don't have the option to car pool or would even want to car pool as it is much SAFER for our children to be on a bus versus in a car and putting many more cars on the already congested roadways.   

My children rode the bus from kindergarden on, and never incurred any problems or felt unsafe.  In fact, they enjoyed it.  It was their social time with their friends.

Again, I do hope these teenagers involved are found and held accountable.  Until then, Debbie, maybe an escort would be a good idea as I would hate for any of our communities children to feel unsafe or afraid to ride the bus again.

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Visiting Teens

Horrible, intolerable incident and I applaud everyone posting for looking for solutions.  From what I understand,  these are teens with a visitor pass  and the sheriff department is investigating. Maybe there is not too much info out there because it is a serious, ongoing investigation.

RE: Bus and bus stops - we do have a problem. Kids on both sides of the river have been bullied and we heard last year about drugs and drug dealing at the North bus stop. The Middle and High School kids have one bus and the Elementary school kids have another. Volunteer groups helping kids at bus stops before and after school is a fantastic idea. I know that the schools are limited as to the supervision they can provide on the bus and that has been an ongoing issue.

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the school bus

This article has nothing to do with the school buses other than the girl was walking home from the bus stop. But since it has evolved into the topic of bus behavior, I will ad my observations as well as stories my son shares with me without being too stereotypical. On the high school bus, there is a group of skater "dudes" that swarm to the back of the bus. they are known to light up joints at times as well as text horrible racial jokes and pictures amongst themselves and other kids on the bus. The odor is very noticeable to all the other students and the driver, despite their efforts of trying to cover the smell by opening windows and spraying Axe cologne. The bus driver pulls over, walks back there, sniffing along the way, and tries to identify the culprits. Nobody comes forward of course. Nothing more the bus driver can other than report it to his supervisor via a two-way radio. The Sup directs him to continue on and write an incident report when he returns. There are cameras on the bus from what my kid tells me. The one problem I have is not understanding why this same group of kids are allowed to continue sitting in the back of the bus as opposed to be required to sit near the front where they can be better monitored. Their behavior problems are ongoing! From what I'm told, this same group of kids are so mischievious, that when they think they are not being watched, they throw things out the windows purposely trying to hit passing cars or people. And yes, this is the same group where one of the boys drew a picture of a truce with a permanant marker and a very racial picture and saying on the sidewalk in front of the bus shelter. And, yes, drug dealing is rampant at the bus stop as well as on the bus and at school, not to mention behind the Plaza Foods. Are you shocked? You shouldn't be... probably just clueless. Parents......??!! Know your offsprings, know their friends, know what they're doing...and don't be in denial like so many of you are. It doesn't help them at all...at all! If everyone believed their kid could do no wrong, we would live in a perfect world.

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