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Greenfield Communications won’t be transferring its lease of the Rancho Murieta cable system to another company, it was announced Thursday. Instead, starting immediately, Greenfield said it will change its internet and TV offerings, adding a new gigabit-speed internet service – 10 times the present top speed. The TV packages are being shuffled to reflect DISH Network requirements and to offer the best overall values, the company said.

Gigabit-speed internet, the current gold standard for connectivity, is a rarity and will be a strong selling point for the community, Greenfield President/CEO Mike Powers told the Rancho Murieta Association Communications Committee Thursday.

The current and new internet speeds and rates:

Your current internet...   You'll be switched to...
Fiber 20 (20 Mbps) $28 Internet - Basic (35 Mbps) $35
Fiber 50 (50 Mbps) $57 Internet - 100 (100 Mbps) $57
Fiber 100 (100 Mbps) $88 Internet - Gigabit (1 Gbps) $77


The new internet speeds are available now, Powers said, adding that Greenfield plans to communicate the changes through multiple channels in the coming weeks. Of communities offering gigabit internet service, Powers said, “There’s a handful in the country. And it’s very tough to find one that truly does offer gigabit. They’ll advertise it, but in the fine print it doesn’t come close.”

He said Greenfield has been planning the infrastructure for this service level for years, giving Rancho Murieta a point-to-point connection to Greenfield’s data center in Sacramento. “So, it’s not shared,” Powers said of the bandwidth. “It’s a direct pipe right to Rancho.”

He also said, “We’re excited that this day is finally here. We got a little distracted with what happened with Varcomm, but now that we’re moving forward, this is a great package.”

At its December meeting, the RMA board was told Greenfield intended to exit the community after four years and transfer the RMA system lease to Varcomm Holdings, a small telecommunications company with about a thousand subscribers spread over three California locations. Thursday, in response to a question at the end of the meeting, Powers said Varcomm hadn’t met some requirements of the deal, so it had been called off.

He said configuring the community’s TV offerings was more complicated than the internet side of the house. Here are the current and new TV packages:

Your current cable...   You'll be switched to...
Basic (150 channels) $48 Core Basic (100 channels) $43
Select (150 channels) $58 Core Basic (100 channels) $43
Premium (200 channels) $65 Core Premium (190 channels) $51
AT200 (240 channels) $84.99 AT200 (240 channels) $69
AT250 (290 channels) $94.99 AT250 (290 channels) $79
Everything (330 channels) $144.99 Everything (330 channels) $137


“What they will see is their price go down,” Powers said of RMA’s cable customers, “but they’re going to see some missing channels. That’s the trade-off.”

Powers said DISH, which provides the TV services that Greenfield offers, has set new standards, prompting changes in fees for programming and equipment. Still, he said, Greenfield wanted the packages being offered in Rancho Murieta to be cheaper than the DISH national average.

He said Greenfield is no longer able to do the “horse trading” it did with RMA’s basic cable lineup in the past, when it added some select channels. “We tried so hard to serve a segment of the community that wanted Hallmark and sports channels” and forced those services into basic cable, Powers said. “And it sort of distorted the entire value package for the whole community.”

RMA General Manager Greg Vorster predicted the biggest customer complaint will be about moving the Hallmark and Bay Area sports channels from the basic level to the AT200 package and higher.

You’ll want to choose your cable package based on the channels available, and Powers said Greenfield will offer information to help customers make that choice. 

Greenfield offered these dates for the rollout:

  • Now: New internet speeds are available. Contact Greenfield, (888) 230-0020.
  • Thursday, Jan. 24: All cable TV customers will be converted to the new packages.
  • Friday, Feb. 1: All internet customers will be converted to the new packages.

These changes will happen automatically, with no action required by customers unless they want a different service level, Powers said.

Greenfield phone services are unchanged, the company said.

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RMA/Greenfield raising cable cost! ouch !!!

What a surprise.  Greenfield is still our cable and internet provider.  The bad news is that they are selectively raising our cost to receive programs.  In my case I estimate my annual increase will be about $540.00.  I called Greenfield and RMA and they have confirmed my worst fears.

I was told that to keep my same programing I must pay much more. Even if I don't get the Kings, my basic cable bill will increase 100% from $48 a month to $86 a month including a new $17 a month box charge. That is outrageous. My internet bill will only increase 25%, from $28 to $35.   I called and talked to Greenfield and to Greg at RMA.  I was told that nothing can be done.  Our RMA Board of Directors needs to protect us from this wild cost increase.

The biggest cost increase will be the removal of several key programs from the basic package.  Programing such as "golf channel", "Hallmark Channels", will be moved to a more expensive level.  Kings coverage and NFL channel will be even more expensive than that.  What can we do??

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correcting cost

I made an error in my current cost of cable.    The figure I used was the "new" basic cost of $48. my current cost is $58 for the basic select. My new cost for the same progamming will be $86. I don't thinkl that includes Kings progamming. Sorry

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Internet only speeds

As someone who "cut the cord" last year, this is a welcome change!  I already had the middle tier internet package, so doubling the speeds for the same price is great.  Have no complaints about Greenfield's internet service. (might even upgrade to the gigabit tier now for $20 extra)

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Greenfield Communications New Services

Greenfield Communications presented their new cable and Internet packages and pricing to the RMA Communications Committee on Thursday, January 10th.  The value for Rancho Murieta residents is outstanding.

On Internet pricing, only the basic Internet pricing is going up.  The increase is $7.00 for almost double the speed.  50 Mbps customers will be upgraded to 100 Mbps for the same price.  100 Mbps customers will be increased to the 1 Gbps at a decrease in price. 

The future of video is going towards the Internet.  Local channels are now available on the Internet and you can purchase apps for only the channels you want to watch.  Rancho Murieta is one of only a very few communities in the nation with Gigibit service and will be ready for any future changes.  Also, with the new technology of Gigibit service, new products are being developed as work arounds for wiring issues in older homes.

There are also changes to the cable packages. If sports games (limited to Comcast restrictions) and the Hallmark channel are important, you will need to subscribe to the AT200 package at $69.00 per month.  National team sports games can be found on the AT250 package at $79.00.

The changes to our Internet and cable are due to take effect January 24th. If you want no changes, you need to do nothing.  If you would like to make changes or need more information, please contact Greenfield at 1-888-230-0020. 

The RMA Board apologizes for the short notice and appreciates the residents understanding that while there have been many changes over the last few weeks, we continue to do our best to represent the  interests of Rancho Murieta residents.

Joanne Brandt

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These internet prices and speeds are good. Simply good. I hope they can be reliable as most tv services, and streaming services are directly affected by "jumping" or throttled speeds. Either way this is a HUGE step in the right direction for Rancho Murieta, who's internet speeds and packages have been god awful in the past. 

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