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The Joint Security Committee heard about a new North Gate design approach, a Country Club plan to curtail golf course trespassing, and a proposal for a surveillance camera system committee Friday. Representatives from the Community Services District, the Rancho Murieta Association, Murieta Village and the County Club attended the group’s quarterly meeting at the RMA Building.

The ad hoc committee for the North Gate hasn’t yet reached a “final design” because the development entity represented by John Sullivan of Cosumnes River Land LLC has presented a new proposal that’s being evaluated, said RMA General Manager Greg Vorster.

Vorster said he thought Sullivan’s goal was to make the design “tie in” with other development plans, including the Murieta Gardens commercial center and hotel project planned for acreage across Highway 16 from the North Gate.

Some committee members mentioned having a unifying theme for the North and South gates, and there was talk about design elements until Country Club representative Vern Wallace remarked, “This is the Joint Security meeting, right?  Not the architectural committee.”

Earlier this year, RMA took control of $1.4 million the Operating Engineers’ Pension Trust Fund allotted for the project under the terms of the Mutual Benefit Agreement between the RMA and PTF. Since then, an RMA ad hoc committee has focused on designing the entrance and is now looking to the CSD to provide additional funding for security-related aspects of the project.

There have been no public presentation of any of the designs being considered for the North Gate project, though things being considered have emerged in CSD board and committee meetings. Under those preliminary plans, the gate house would be rebuilt farther up the parkway, past the first Lago, with the left turn on Lago Drive being retained with a dedicated lane and passive gate.  The ad hoc committee envisions a water feature on either side of the entrance at the highway.  The original design, described as a river scene with multiple pools, natural rock and cascading water, carried a cost estimated at over $2 million, according to Vorster. A “scaled-down” design within the $1.4 million budget appeared in Vorster’s funding request to the CSD.

Vorster has said residents will have an opportunity to provide input on the design for the project.

The RMA funding request will be considered at the CSD Improvements Committee 8:30 a.m. Thursday.  The meeting is open to the public.

Security camera system update

CSD Security Chief Greg Remson said Security has been looking into a security camera viewing system for the gates and for the patrol officers, not a monitoring system, that would enable Security to “spot-check” areas in real time and respond to calls from business owners to view activity their camera systems are recording.

Unlike some communities where camera surveillance is used, Rancho Murieta has a variety of systems instead of a single, internal system, Remson told the group. “We’ve got a different camera system at the Country Club, a different camera system at the RMA. CSD has a different camera system ... the businesses across the street have different camera systems. So that makes it a little bit more difficult and expensive to tie all those in,” he explained. “There’s servers, there’s software, and there’s encoders that are required to do this.”

Remson said the estimated cost to set up this kind of hybrid system is $10,000 to $15,000. Encoders cost from $300 to $750 apiece “so whatever system we get, if the entity, the business ... or whatever doesn’t have that same system, they will need to purchase an encoder to allow that view from the Security Department,” Remson said.

CSD Director Mike Martel said he is going to propose to the CSD board that an ad hoc committee be established to explore camera system options and costs in a more timely way than Joint Security is able to do with its quarterly meeting schedule.

“We are talking with all the developers about raising funds to enhance security, and I think    anywhere from $1 million to $2 million extra that are coming in should help us in the next 30-40 years...” Martel said.

Problems with golf cart drivers

Security Chief Greg Remson said recent golf cart-related accidents and DUI arrests involved people in their 20s and over 60 years old, and pointed out that rules exist for golf carts. “We have flyers at the gates that explain the rules,” Remson said. The flyer is available here.

Remson said Security receives four or five complaints a month concerning golf carts -- unlicensed driver, overcrowding, etc. -- and issues about one citation a month. “It’s easy transportation for people, but as we saw with the people who fell out of the cart and the DUIs and people crashing, it’s still a motor vehicle. ... And the rules of the community and the Country Club also are you have to be a licensed driver.”

Country Club steps up effort to reduce trespassing

Country Club General Manager Arnie Billingsley and Director Vern Wallace said the club is taking measures against trespassing that include signage and a tip line for members. Wallace encouraged people to contact Security, the Sheriff's Department or Highway Patrol so statistics can be gathered about violations.

Billingsley said non-member golf carts are frequently driven on private club property, and the club is putting in signs with relevant vehicle codes and trespassing ordinance information to combat this. The club is planning a campaign to inform people, Billingsley said.

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Another new North Gate design

So, I expect this version will rename the community "Sullivan Estates" and will come a promise of future development money to pay for the cost of adding a statue.

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North Gate design

That is why it is taking so long to design the new North Gate... Shall we request a larger than life bronze statue?

Jan Bach

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