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The motorcycle involved in the accidents came to rest on the north side of Jackson Road.

Accidents on Jackson Road between the North Gate and the highway bridge caused multiple injuries, killed deer and impacted traffic in the evening hours of New Year's Eve.

A CHP accident investigator on the scene at 11 p.m. said it wasn't clear yet what had happened, but he said it appeared a vehicle traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed hit a motorcycle just east of the North Gate. The motorcycle came to rest at the edge of the north side of Jackson Road. A half-mile farther east on Jackson, a car had run off the road – overturning multiple times, according to CHP reports – and coming to rest in the Country Club fence. Just west of the bridge, there were two dead deer, the CHP reported. The first reports came to the CHP around 8:50 p.m.

The investigator said he did not know if the accidents were related. He said multiple people were transported to the hospital with injuries.

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