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A 21-year-old man was arrested by sheriff’s deputies Friday after he allegedly kicked in the door and entered a home on Guadalupe Drive, according to Rancho Murieta Security. 

In an entry from 2:27 p.m. Friday, the Security Logs say a patrol officer caught a male and female attempting to enter the home through the rear door. Security Chief Jeff Werblun later explained that Security patrol had responded to a report of a residential burglary in progress.

When patrol arrived, Werblun said, the officer caught the male and female still in the home. Deputies and the homeowner arrived on the scene, he said, and the resident pressed charges against the male.

Werblun said the female is the resident family’s teenage daughter, a minor, who had run away. The companion is her boyfriend, Werblun said.

Werblun said Security wrote a trespass warning against the male, advising that if he returns he can be arrested for trespassing.

The sheriff’s department was not available Monday to offer information about the man who was arrested.

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So now it is Wednesday, does

So now it is Wednesday, does SSD have a name to go with the arrest? 

And any progress in finding out who did the nice spray painting job on the bridge and surrounding areas?


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Sheriff's Department's response

We've asked. The Sheriff's Department responded that they've been busy following Monday's shooting death of the deputy in Rancho Cordova. There could be a response to our request for more information on the break-in today.

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It is so difficult to fight these people .....the thief has more rights than we do......Lisa Hernandez who slammed me (Housecleaner/Renter) on Nextdoor Rancho Murieta North is now doing 1 year of time at the Amador County Jail for stealing from a previous employer....It took me days to get her served with a restraining order (she just would not stop) because Sac County couldn't find her.....She was in Jail in Amador County (Jackson) one thief down ...help us catch the others....My new Saying   LOCK UP  LOCK UP  LOCK UP!  Call the Sheriff.....security is ONLY "OBSERVE AND REPORT" .....they do not always call the Sheriff.....We have too nice of an area to let the thieves take over, vandals deface our signs.....speeding until a child may be harmed, 20 animals being trapped and drowned at the back lake, a dog being taken to Highway 16 and killed, etc....We all need to start watching out for each other....

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