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A Rancho Murieta North neighborhood has seen a string of thefts in a 10-day stretch.

It started with the theft of a bag of golf clubs from a cart parked in front of a home on Robles Grandes the night of April 1. The following day, someone fishing at Lake Clementia hooked the empty golf bag. On the chance the clubs also may have been discarded in the lake, the owner was reportedly considering “jumping in there and seeing if he can find them,” Security Chief Greg Remson said.

By April 10, two additional thefts had occurred, both from garages where the side doors were left unlocked. According to security log entries, golf clubs were taken from a garage on Cazador during daytime hours April 7 and a cell phone was reported stolen April 10 from a vehicle parked in the garage of a Robles Grandes home.

“Again, lock things up,” Remson advised. “It’s good that people are keeping their front, roll-up garage doors down, but don’t forget about that side garage door.” Remson advised residents to call Security “if you see anything at all suspicious because my feeling is whoever is stealing this stuff up in that area lives in that area.”

A string of more than a dozen thefts in January targeted vehicles parked in driveways and sent a message to residents about removing valuables and locking their cars to prevent crimes of opportunity.

To contact Security, call 354-2273 (CARE).  For emergencies, call 911, and then notify Security.

Crime victims can file a report with the Sheriff's Department by contacting the James L. Noller Safety Center at 354-8509 or using the online reporting system at www.sacsheriff.com.

The Rancho Murieta Community Services District recently joined the WeTip program through its insurance company, which funds rewards of up to $1,000 for tips about crimes that occur in the district.  Anonymous tips are reported to WeTip through an 800 number or the WeTip website. After WeTip receives the information, it is provided to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department and the Security Department for action.

To contact WeTip, call 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or visit wetip.com. There is also a link on the CSD web site, rmcsd.com.

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  Entering a closed garage of a home to steal is a burglary.  If the home is occupied at the time it is a burglary in the first degree.  It is not vandalism, a car prowl or a mere theft.  These criminals are committing a felony.   It should be stressed to those committing these crimes that they are risking serious criminal prosecution and or serious injury if some frightened homeowner reacts to a noise in their garage with a baseball bat or a gun. 

Think about it.  This isnt a prank like taking a yard ornament.  This is entering a portion of someones home to steal.  Will the next step be entering the house proper?   Sure homeowners should remember to lock up.  Its a shame that in todays society we have to lock our doors to keep others out  even in community as nice as Rancho Murieta. It is also a shame that there are individuals among us that find it entertaining to steal and or destroy another neighbors property by throwing it in the lake. Can it be that much fun to see which idiot can throw a club the furthest  into the drink?  Pure spoiled stupidity. 

Make sure these crimes are reported to the S.O. . Report suspicious behavior to security.  And let your neighbors know if there are problems occurring in the neighborhood. 


Doug Lewis


Doug Lewis

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