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In our big world, it wasn’t much of a crisis or much of a rescue, which probably means it isn’t much of a story. But a handful of Murietans helped rescue a bunch of baby quail from a storm sewer late Monday afternoon.

Travis Abshire was running on Puerto Drive around 4:30 p.m. when he saw an adult quail zig-zagging frantically in front of the drain. Then Abshire heard peeps from inside the drain. There were baby quail in there, 10 of them, it turned out.

Baby quail

One of the baby quail after being pulled from the drain. (Photo by Caryl Abshire. Click photos for larger images.)

He ran home, around the corner, and let his mother, Caryl, know. She called Security, hoping for help. “They gave me a 209 (area code) number to call,” she said later in frustration.

They returned and pulled the grate from the drain. As they stood puzzling over what to do, neighbors joined in. Two brought pool skimmers. They proved to be the key. With one skimmer herding the little ones and one skimmer corralling them – first two or three at a time, then singly – the birds were brought back up to the street.

They were put in a nearby bush, where their mother was calling. The neighbors returned to their lives. “We couldn’t just let 10 little birds die,” Caryl Abshire said.

Drain cover

After the quail were rescued, one neighbor covered the storm drain for now. 

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Baby Quail

Nice going Travis....thank you for taking the time to save the baby quail......you rock !!!!!

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Awh thank you

Oh thank you, that is wonderful.  :-)

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This is what I love about my neighbor (all of Rancho Murieta) they will help even the smallest of God's creatures.  I love the quail and animals that add joy and beauty to our lives every day.

PS the quail is my favorite bird. 

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