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As has been rumored for weeks, the Sloughhouse Inn will be taken over by the owners of Sacramento’s Lucca and Roxy restaurants, the Bee reports. It says the restaurant, being renamed Meadowlands, could be open as soon as early November.

The company’s operations manager, Dominic Sirianni, said Ron and Terri Gilliland, who have run Lucca for 13 years and Roxy for 10, have signed a five-year lease on the Sloughhouse property. They plan to offer dinners Wednesdays through Sundays with breakfast on weekends, he said, and they’re already booking holiday parties.

Despite the new name, the Gillilands, whose restaurants are highly regarded, intend to keep the structure of the historic landmark largely intact.

The 160-year-old Sloughhouse Inn has had a rough run in this century, dark and shuttered most of the time. Its most recent operators, Mark and Betsy Hite of Wilton, closed in June after 14 months of business.

See the Bee story here.

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  • Jay Triplett Give it up....it will just end up closing again, unless they serve better bread, salad and lower their outrageous prices.
  • Brooke Warren Awesome! And by seasoned and proven owners!
  • Lisa Baker Not thrilled about the name change.
    • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin Who cares about the name. At least you'll be getting owners who are proven successful!! Be thankful someone will take this historic place a give it new life!!I for one welcome it.
    • Lisa Baker Easy Debbie. I care or I would not have said anything. SI evokes nostalgia. I welcome the leadership taking on the restaurant and appreciate the liberty of their choice. I am not taking a knee and boycotting. That is my opinion.
  • Miranda Taylor Borg Restaurant business is the toughest business to succeed in. People don't understand how hard it is!!!! I wish the new owners the best of luck. And we should try and support once again!
  • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin Absolutely
  • Jennifer McNamara Best. News. Ever. Lucca & Roxy are successful & delicious. Just what we need in our community. Can't wait!
  • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin Can't wait!!!
  • Bobbi Belton Sounds like a win win for everyone!
  • Julie Ann Oh please let this be successful!! Though I love El Gallo and all of the restaurants we have, there are so few that we need something different close!!! Does anyone know if there will be anything at the new hotel too?
    • Bobbi Belton Yes, the hotel will have a nice restaurant called "The Gate."
  • Ginny Macko Hate to see the name change to Meadowlands, but it will be nice to have a restaurant there.
  • Sandy Waite Glad to see it reopen ! We need more options!
  • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin A name is just that ...a name!! Focus should be on what quality the new owners will bring to this space.

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