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The sight of an Elk Grove Unified School District school bus, Security patrol vehicles and two police cars at  Murieta South Parkway and Abierto Drive aroused concerns late Monday afternoon. Rancho Murieta Security Chief Greg Remson said Security and Elk Grove Unified School District police responded to a disruption that occurred as a result of a disagreement between the bus driver and students on the bus, which originated at Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove.

A disruptive student wouldn’t follow the bus driver’s directions, Remson said. There was no physical altercation and no weapons were involved, Remson said. “They were just screwing around on the bus,” he said.

Elk Grove Unified School District police were dispatched to the incident and Security also responded, Remson said.


The bus was parked in RM South until about 5 p.m.

Students gathered on the sidewalk beside the emptied bus. Parents, concerned that their children were late arriving home, also appeared. One parent told Remson his son came home an hour late and told him about the incident, saying he wasn’t involved.  The father wanted to make sure that was the case. Remson confirmed that his son wasn’t among the students interviewed by school district police.

The incident came to a close about 5 p.m., when the bus driver turned the empty bus around and drove it from the community.

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