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Security meeting

The first meeting of the CSD Security Ad Hoc Committee was attended by, from left, CSD Director Mike Martel, committee members Brian Skinner and Ray Matheny, Tony Valez and John Sullivan of Rancho Murieta Properties LLC and RMA General Manager Greg Vorster.

A Community Services District ad hoc committee is fast-tracking planning for a community-wide camera surveillance system.

CSD Director Mike Martel, who initiated the CSD Security Ad Hoc Committee, is a member of two other committees that have considered camera surveillance -- CSD Security, which meets monthly, and Joint Security, a committee comprised of representatives from various community entities that has no set meeting schedule.

Martel named Brian Skinner, Ray Matheny,  RMA General Manager Greg Vorster, CSD Security Chief Greg Remson, and RMA Director Sam Somers Sr. to the ad hoc committee. Skinner and Matheny are residents who work in the technology and security fields. Developer John Sullivan of Cosumnes River Land LLC, while not named as a committee member, took an active role in last week’s meeting at the CSD Building. Somers was not present.

At the start of the meeting, Remson provided committee members with a draft surveillance camera plan prepared last year and explained, “Our goal is to have surveillance cameras throughout the district both as a deterrent, to help identify people that have committed crimes or rule violations, and also to help with patrol services. We want to be able to use those cameras to look at different areas of the district, and if nothing’s happening in that area, we won’t have to drive all the way back there. We can focus our patrols in other areas.”

The draft plan was set aside as committee members embarked on their own approach. Vorster said the first step in the process was to identify possible camera locations.  After that, Skinner said you decide what type of camera capabilities and controls you want at that location.

Vorster said if RMA enters into a lease agreement for the cable system that will result in a passive fiber to the home design, “I don’t think bandwidth will be an issue, period.”

Sullivan said, "I think we need the in-house capability to be dealing with our own security infrastructure that we all endorse and buy into and participate in. We’re talking about raising $2 million of developer fees to get into this whole thing over the course of the next 10 to15 years. We’d better have something damn good.”

Camera surveillance would be phased in starting with construction of the North Gate, then construction of the hotel, Vorster said.  At a Security Committee meeting recently, Remson provided an estimate of $147,300 for CSD equipment costs at the North Gate that included new cameras.

“I think we have to take into consideration the total district, all the property and all the customers involved,” Martel said. He wants the community’s different entities to “bring their wish list or suggestions forward and then at that time incorporate it into a strategic plan district wide.”

As for who’s going to pay for the system, Martel said, “That’s an argument or a debate that the (CSD) board needs to tackle. ... We pick the winners and the losers in the district based on I’m not quite sure what. Like the Village only contributes $6 for security, and you look at the South versus the North, there’s more people on the North that subsidize the same operation for the South.”

Sullivan described developer costs in financing and services agreements with the CSD as “voluntary fees. ...  These are the developers stepping up to spend $2 million for the community.”

Martel acknowledged that financing and services agreement for  Murieta Gardens and the North properties Sullivan represents hasn’t been signed yet. “We anticipate in the very near future that’s going to be completed. One of the things that the district has put into the language is security impact fees,” Martel said. “...Then there’s a difference of opinion about how that money is being utilized. As an individual, I have my opinion. It has not been discussed with the board. ... The one thing that we’re not going to do with anybody’s business is spend district money inside somebody’s private business. Some people are not contributing to the parks fund, such as the Villas, the Villages, and some of the proposed property. So this becomes a little dicey a little bit, and what John is talking about is he volunteered, the developers have volunteered, to donate to the district through a one-time security fee so I want to make sure that we’re doing everything as properly and with everybody’s consent as possible.”

By the first part of May,  Martel said he wants Remson to have “some suggestions and recommendations so that he can take it to the board and we can start this process ... and how we’re going to fund it.”

The committee’s next meeting is 10 a.m. May 1 at the CSD. The meetings are open to the community.

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The Village

Why would a "Private company" not want to include all available households? This new system will increase the value of all homes with this service. I believe is an agreement that if it's available to the RMA then it must be open to the Village.

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The Villas/Village

It is my understanding that these properties do not pay full RMA dues.  

If they want to be included then they should pay the same fees that the rest of the Community pays.


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Village Association opted out of their own free will

Tim, as I recall the Village Association opted to drop out of RMA's system when presented with their share of the cost of replacing the rotting decades-old mile or more of copper coax cable servicing them when RMA was replacing its own old backbone.  If this new company wants to bear that cost or the Village does, I would imagine RMA would be open to discussing re-establishing that relationship so long as RMA members wouldn't be paying directly or indirectly to fix the Village's cables.

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