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Amgen tour

The Amgen Tour of California zipped past Rancho Murieta Thursday afternoon, briefly delighting a crowd of Murietans at the South Gate intersection who had arrived on foot, in golf carts and by bike. As the race drew near, the crowd  included some inadvertent spectators – motorists stopped on Murieta South Parkway to keep Jackson Road clear for the cyclists. Waiting wasn’t an issue for the children in the crowd, who thrilled to the sight of police patrol cars and motorcycles. One little girl asked her mother if it was a motorcycle and bicycle race. An advance vehicle prepared spectators for the brevity of the event by greeting everyone and encouraging them to say “whoosh.” And that pretty much described the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sight of a hundred-plus cyclists flying by. Did you get a photo? Please share it at editor@ranchomurieta.com and we'll be happy to publish it.

It was lonelier in the area of the North Gate and Stonehouse Road, as the cyclists climbed the hill out of Murieta. We've got past coverage of the Amgen in our area: A video from Latrobe Road in 2015 with member photos and Stonehouse and Jackson roads in 2011, with member photos.

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'Birdman' photo of race

Bill "Birdman" Gengler shares this from the Amgen bike race. Click to see it larger.

Bill Gengler photo

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