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Raley’s will open a temporary market in the old Plaza Foods to serve Rancho Murieta while its new Bel Air Market is being built across the street, the supermarket chain announced Thursday. The temporary store is expected no later than January.

“Raley’s is committed to serving the Rancho Murieta community, both in the short and long term,” Keith Knopf, Raley’s chief operating officer, said in a press release.

At 17,000 square feet, the store, to be called Murieta Market by Raley’s, will be half the size of a traditional full-service Raley’s. Still, the Raley’s announcement said the market will include produce, meat, deli items and some prepared foods. The sale of wine, beer and liquor is dependent on a license, so it won’t happen until sometime after opening, the company said.

Market logo

Raley's released its logo for the temporary market.

“I think we can serve for the next 10 months or so in a positive way,” said Chelsea Minor, the company’s director of public relations and public affairs. She said there are still some challenges to address, including equipment, before the existing market can be opened for business.

Joe Kovalik, whose company, Maple Leaf Investments of San Jose, owns Murieta Plaza, agreed about the equipment issues and said the Raley’s announcement was good news. “We get a supermarket in the community really soon,” he said.

Raley’s is encouraging people from the area to apply for positions with the market.

Raley’s announced its plans for a new store in May, in partnership with Rancho Murieta Properties, and announced two weeks ago that the store would be a Bel Air. At the same time, a Murietan who operates Ione Plaza Market said he had been trying to open the old Plaza Foods as an interim market for the community, but he had backed off because Raley’s was clear that its new store would be open within a year.

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So excited, thank you Raley's

Oh this is wonderful news, thank you Raley's...we need you!

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way to go Raleys

Raleys has really shown themselves to be caring for our neighborhood.  Can't wait to have them here.  They will certainly have our business.  Yeah, Raleys.

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Facebook comments on the interim Raley's market

In addition to 120 "likes" at this point, the folks on RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page are pretty happy about this:

  • Melissa Walker-Allen Woohoo!! Best news!!
  • Jeannie Boos Brown High operatic note here!!! 
  • Vincenza Sherman Oh good!
  • Rick Fitzsimmons Wow, that sure is nice of them knowing the temp operation will be a loser financially for them. I'm impressed.
  • Beth Buderus So excited, thank you for the wonderful news!
  • Megan Moore Garrison That just made my day!!!!
  • Alli Banks :)))))
  • Maui Atheart Great news !!
  • Janet Smith Bringham Yipyipeeeeee! Really great news
  • Kara Joses Gomes Fantastic news!!!
  • Brandon Michael Yipee
  • Patricia Ozanich That's is great news. Bless them.
  • Abigail Nelson Great news
  • Lynda Castle This is the best local news since the win of John Merchant! 
  • Victoria Casares Yeah! Happy day 
  • Teri Essex Thank you !!!!!!! 
  • Joan Silveira I wondered if someone would take that market over it was nice to walk over there from the showgrounds
  • Cindy Faeth Please open before holidays
  • Nicki Bagley Susan thanks for the good news!
  • Robin Albee-Kesich So very happy !! We can't Thank you enough !! Great for people to work there and then graduate to a career with Raley's !!!!
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Great News!

Thank you, Raleys, for hearing our pleas for help.  Welcome!  This is a great start to being an important part of our community. 

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Thank-you Raley's!

...but we sure could use your help for the holidays!

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Again, I hope they consider past employees for their work force if they are interested.

Good decision all around

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Raley's crew at work

If you were wondering, yes, that was a crew of Raley's people inside Plaza Foods Thursday morning, planning how they're going to set up and operate their Murieta Market.

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Murieta Market

OPEN OPEN OPEN.........:)

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