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A resident was taken into custody Thursday night after allegedly brandishing a shotgun and shouting at a passerby.

Security Sgt. Mike Scarzella said Friday night that he answered a call “regarding a subject that was possibly armed” and made contact with the man in the front yard of a Guadalupe Drive residence. Scarzella described the man as “compliant” and said the gun was unloaded. 

After sheriff’s deputies arrived, the subject fled and was apprehended a short time later near Pescado Circle and 1 Park. Deputies placed him under arrest.  Scarzella said he did not know what the charges were, and a sheriff’s spokesperson was not available to provide details Friday night, when RanchoMurieta.com learned of the incident.

The incident was not discussed at the Community Services District Security Committee meeting held Friday morning. The committee consists of Security Chief Paul Wagner and other CSD staff, and Directors Mike Martel and Betty Ferraro.

A caller to RM.com Friday evening described the incident. He said a man in his 50s brandished a shotgun and shouted at someone on a bike from the front yard of a home on Guadalupe Drive about 7 p.m. Thursday. The bike rider fled, and when Security arrived, the officer got the man to put down the shotgun on the lawn.

According to the witness, who asked that his name be withheld, the man was cooperative with Security and with deputies when they arrived. But when deputies tried to handcuff him, he broke away and ran off.

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I heard it was actually a resident that chased down the guy, and apprehended him.

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No charges in gun incident

On Monday, Sheriff's Sgt. Tony Turnbull said the man was not charged but was referred for a mental-health evaluation. Turnbull said he could offer no further information because it's considered a medical issue, which carries privacy considerations.

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