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Security released information this week on two recent thefts and a third possible break-in.  Here are details from an email from Security Chief Greg Remson.

  • Friday, June 14, at about 8 a.m. while at the Van Vleck water tank, a water department employee noticed a padlock had been cut. The padlock was on a chain link gate that surrounded a cell tower. A contractor for the cell company arrived to do some work and said he actually discovered the cut lock the previous day. The contractor had notified his employer who notified Sprint. While checking the area the contractor noticed that some copper wire had been cut and taken from inside the fenced area around the cell tower. He felt that there was a small amount of copper taken. The entrance gates off of Jackson Road were secure, and nothing else was found missing or tampered with.
  • Saturday, June 15, at about 10:40 a.m. on Rio Oso, a resident noticed that soda had been thrown on their car in the driveway and the side garage door was open. There was no sign of forced entry or anything missing.
  • Monday, June 17, at about 3:30 a.m., the owner of Murieta Nail & Hair Salon was notified by their alarm company of a burglar alarm. Security dispatch was also notified and responded. The front door had been pried open, along with a storage room door. Hair product and purses were taken. Sheriff's deputies responded for a report.

The beauty parlor suffered a break-in, along with two other Murieta Plaza businesses, last November.  See that story.

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We're sorry to hear about the break in at Murieta Hair and Nail. It's absolutely discouraging.  Also very sorry to hear of the break in at Van Vleck Ranch.  When we were hit last year, we thought it was a drug related crime.  It sounds the same to me this time. It's obvious we are regularly targeted. 

Ideally, I'd like to increase our communication, as well as security, so our Plaza (Airport, Equestrian Center...) become less of a desirable target.  In the coming weeks we'll collect feedback, interest and ideas and then maybe we will meet and collectively develop a game plan. 

We'd like to thank Maple Leaf Properties for increasing security on the office doors and for their ongoing willingness to seek solutions.  We'd also like to thank PDF Security  for their state of the art security consulting and solutions.  

Please email me if you have any feedback, ideas etc.


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