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Three “no trespassing” signs went missing late last week from the area around Lake Clementia and Lake Calero, Security Chief Greg Remson said Tuesday. The two signs removed from the Lake Clementia area belonged to the Pension Trust Fund and the one taken from Calero belonged to the Rancho Murieta Association, Remson said.

The RMA sign had been in place for a long time, while the PTF signs sparked some comment when they recently appeared on undeveloped PTF land in the back area of Murieta North. The sign postings followed complaints about night parties and bonfires. Remson said the postings resulted from conversations with the PTF, its attorneys and insurance representatives about what could be done to limit hazards and safety issues caused by campfires and “mainly teenagers and young adults being in the back area after dark.” He said the signs could give Security or the Sheriff’s Department “more latitude” in dealing with these issues.


On the road to Lake Clementia, the new PTF sign at right was stolen while the longstanding RMA sign remains.  At Lake Calero, an RMA sign was taken too. (RM.com file photo)

Some residents have interpreted the signs as an attempt to keep residents out of the area entirely, but, according to Remson, that’s not the case. “There’s an easement to get back to the lake for RMA members and that hasn’t changed,” he said. “There’s an argument that there’s an easement or a right of residents to go wherever they want on any property back there, but I believe that PTF thinks that that’s not accurate. ... Since PTF owns the majority of the land back there, they can pretty much do whatever they want.”

The PTF deeded Calero and Clementia and other park sites to the RMA under the terms of the Mutual Benefit Agreement. The park access easements are contained in the exhibits of the MBA.

The MBA also has a provision for the RMA to acquire PTF property on the Cosumnes River designated as a  resource protection area at no cost. 

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Halloween update

“We did not get one call related to Halloween issues,” Remson said, describing Halloween night as “extremely quiet.”   “And of course the weather, you couldn’t beat that,” he said of the clear, mild night.

Increase in traffic enforcement

At last month’s Rancho Murieta Association board meeting, residents were warned to make sure they obeyed stop signs, and Remson confirmed Tuesday that “there’s been an uptick in enforcement” for stop sign and speeding violations. He said the increase was a response to complaints about traffic issues as well as more aggressive enforcement by new RMA Compliance Officer Mike Robinson and Security patrol officers.

He said Security receives complaints about traffic violations and then gets complaints from people who receive citations. Some residents think traffic violations are out of control, while others think it’s fine, he said. The challenge is “always trying to find that middle ground and trying to keep safety in mind,” he said.

Remson acknowledged that there’s “a little bit more enforcement on golf carts” going on these days.  “People sometimes forget that they fall under the same rules that a car does,” he observed. “In other words, they’re supposed to stop at stop signs.”

CSD Security Committee meets Friday

The CSD Security Committee holds its monthly meeting 8:30 a.m. Friday at the CSD Building. Committee members include  Remson and Directors Betty Ferraro and Steve Mobley.  The meeting is open to the public.

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