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Village meeting

Jon Nickles, at the microphone, addresses RMA representatives and fellow Village residents.

Almost 100 Murieta Village residents gathered Monday morning to hear Rancho Murieta Association officials explain why they’re considering eliminating gate bar codes for Village residents.

“Our available capacity as an association is shrinking, so what we are able to do today and what we were able to do last year is slowly shrinking,” RMA Director Tim Maybee told the group, meeting in the Village Clubhouse. He said the arrival of development – and greater population, possibly in separate associations – forces the RMA to act. He called it ”a business process that we have to go through with our association.”

Late in the hour-long meeting, Maybee explained, “Please understand, I’ve got 89 rooms going in (at the hotel) across the street from you. There’s a developer that believes those 89 rooms have access, just like you folks do, to all the amenities.”

Much of the audience was muttering and impatient about the RMA’s explanations, which arrived over the course of the meeting. Lew Parkinson, the association president, repeatedly asked the crowd to allow the RMA representatives to speak without interruption.

Villagers turned out in force at the last Community Services District meeting. CSD officials acknowledged they were working with RMA on a new gate policy, but emphasized the final decision on the policy would be RMA’s.

About a dozen Village residents asked questions or offered comments Monday.

“We figured (this is about) your fear of new development, and we’re right,” said Jon Nickles. “But we’re not them. We’re unique and special, very unique and special. We should be dealt with specially and unique.”

Nickles, who also spoke at the CSD meeting, repeated his claim that Village residents are “part owner of all the common ground of union Pension Trust Fund.” Maybee later responded that the PTF land has always been private property – with no ownership rights for Village or RMA members. Further, Maybee added, there is no PTF land now: It was sold for development. There are also RMA-owned common area and parks, he said.

Nickles quoted from a September 2005 legal opinion, which the RMA got from its lawyer and shared with members. The quotes said non-annexed Rancho Murieta residents have a right to use the community’s common area, parks and recreational facilities.

He said the RMA’s threatened action damages Village property values and could prompt a lawsuit. He asked the RMA to formally recognize the 43-year-old special status of Village residents.

Wendell Baker, a 29-year Village resident said, “All of a sudden, I guess us old people are the Mongol hordes that are invading your community and destroying it. Like was already said, if you wonder who’s tearing the place up, read the Security logs. It’s your kids; it’s not us old people.”

Maybee was unwilling to say money is a driver in the RMA’s deliberations – he kept calling the problem “available capacity” – but Director Sam Somers Sr. said flat out that money is an issue.

“Look: It boils down to this,” he said. “Every member of RMA over there, starting the first of the year, will pay $130 a month plus to support and maintain and finish out all of the stuff that’s going on over there. You folks pay dues over here, to do all the things that you need to do here....

“It boils down to this: What’s it worth for your 189 lots to come over there and have all of those amenities available?”

“Oh, here it comes,” a woman yelled out.

“There’s a value here,” Somers continued. He said RMA members pay $130 a month, and so will residents of the new developments. “See, somebody has to maintain those parks, those trails, those streets...” he said, adding that RMA can’t keep raising member dues.

Somers’ bottom line: “We’re not here to keep you out. We think it’s only right that you pay your fair share.”

Several Village speakers agreed there’s value in the access. Another speaker said her household couldn’t afford a fee.

RMA officials could not answer the audience’s repeated requests for numbers of Village people using RMA property. Maybee said there have been about 300 bar codes issued to Village residents. He said the RMA would try to get data from the CSD, but he couldn’t speak for the CSD’s ability or willingness to produce the information.

Maybee said the issue is on Tuesday night's RMA board agenda, but he said there won't be definitive action taken.

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RM Hotel Guests Access to Gated Community?

Did I read that right?  Carol Anderson Ward believes guests of her hotel should have the same access to gated Rancho Murieta as RMA members?  So they can just drive around the community, use our parks and fish without a resident?    

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Hotel Access?

So, it would only make sense that if the new hotel has full access to our facilities, we will also have full access to their facilites???  That being said, how soon can I order room service, I would also like to have my sheets freshened.???


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It's a Hotel not a Home

It's a hotel, the guests should have no rights to come in without authorization from a Resident or the Country Club.  If the Developer is going to push this issue, then the hotel can pay $130 a month times 89 rooms, vacancy or no vacancy.

As for the Village, they should be grandfathered in.  You seriously can't expect the majority of them who are living off their social security check to add another $130 a month to their debt...you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.  Do you seriously think they are using RM streets daily, do you seriously think they are on the trails or in the parks.  Okay, sure, maybe grandparents are coming over to take care of grandkids.  Or they may be taking a morning stroll around the front lake.

As for who uses which facilities here in RM, maybe you should send out a survey and ask that question.  We don't use the parks or the trails, so can we get a discount?

As for the new development inside RM, in addition to their homeowner's association dues, they should be paying ours too...to me that's a given.  Besides the point, what would they be paying an association for...I assume just the maintenance of their roads.

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"And Spa"

I have been wondering about the "vision" for the "hotel" project since I was introduced to the name of the facility. I also have some concerns about the attempt to re-brand us with a new "horse" logo. If it is, in fact, more than a hotel, we need  the information about that "vision" and how it will impact us on our side of the road. 

I am sure there will be golf access and tee times for guests. This means hotel and spa guests have access through out gates. How about access to some of the best Bass fishing in all of California? Is that contemplated? Will guests be enticed by the chance to enjoy our sweeping views while they walk and bike our trails? How about "on site" golf carts at the hotel that would be available to guests to leisurely explore, view eagles In their natural habitat and enjoy the sweeping view corridors of our back lakes (those not blocked by two story houses). Can you see any of that in a sales brochure? Weddings by the lake? Just asking.

More importantly, I would like to know more about any "equestrian vision" that might specifically impact us. Horses on our (multi use) trail system? 

I have no specific argument (yet) with any part of this. I do, however, think these are questions to which we should have the answers.

It is NOT unfair to assume that the owner of both the Equestrian Center and the Rancho North Property would see the synergy and marketing opportunity here.  It's also not very fair to have discussions about locking out the Murieta Village at the same time we might be welcoming visitors from San Francisco and Los Angeles through our gates with open arms.

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Village to Pay RMA Dues?

Asking Village residents to pay RMA dues because of new development?  That makes about as much sense as developing the south golf course to make the Country Club more profitable.

But what about the people who like playing the south golf course? What about the people who love their homes overlooking the south golf course? Oh well. What about the people who love their homes because they have a wall of windows overlooking a lake? What about the people who live in the village because it is affordable senior housing? They lose their homes too.

That is the difference between development and responsible development.

There are soloutions.  Rancho Murieta is bordered by a preserve and has an equestrian complex right across the street.  The drawings show a beautiful, upscale hotel not only for people from equestrian events but also for Rancho Murieta resident’s out of town guests. We have a new gate that makes a beautiful entrance.  A new Country Club community center everyone uses with a restaurant open to everyone and a place you can take your guests? Del Webb has a nice example to look at. There are many options and ideas for solutions without making people lose the homes they love.

Please come to our SOLOS Halloween Fun Walk/Run and Environmental Faire Saturday, October 31st.

Fun Walk/Run starts at 8:00 a.m. 

Environmental Faire is from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Look at proposed development maps, Sacramento County Maps, and more.

Murieta Parkway to Camino Del Lago. Turn left. Go until the road turns to gravel. Signs from there.

Joanne Brandt

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Something Smells Fishy

After reading about the meeting at the Village on Monday, again, disappointed...RMA Director Maybee, stating, "Please understand, I've got 89 rooms going in at the hotel across the street from the Village. There is a Developer that believes those 89 rooms have access, just like you folks do, to all the amentities". Okay, this is the first I have heard of this...What else is the RMA BOD not informing the residents of RM?  I think it is high time that the Board members had better live up to their fiduciary responsibilites of acting on behalf of all the residents of RM.  Quit going on golfing trips to Scotland with Sullivan and other activites you are all doing with the owners of RMN.  The perception you are giving to the community is that you are all on the side of Sullivan, Anderson and all the other owners of the RMN and NOT on the side of the residents of RM who voted you into your positions.  I hear this from ALOT of residents. 

At tonights BOD meeting, this article needs to be addressed and explained to the public if the Hotel is going to gain access to our community for people staying at the hotel to be able to access all the beauty our community provides and for FREE?  I am out raged by reading this article and I have emailed other residents of the same article in case they may not have seen it posted on RM.com...

I have been in favor of the Hotel, but not at this sneaky cost to our community...

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Thoughts from Facebook...

Comments on this story from RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page:

  • Marie Beckstaiger How is it possible that we gave the 89 room hotel the idea their guests would have open access to our community? We as residents are required to escort our guests around the community! Will the hotel hire staff to escort their guests into our community?
  • Stefany Alwazani Wait, I don't understand, why does the developer think that guests of the hotel are able to have access to the community? How does that work?!
    Seriously, the more development that comes out here the shadier things seem to be getting.
    The villas don't pay the monthly dues yet get to use all of the amenities and they are balking at the idea that they should have to pay like the rest of us.
  • Robin Albee-Kesich Why mess with Village now ? What is the motivation ? Financial issues aside, I can't think of a better group of people using the amenities here. Caveat, my now deceased Mother lived there and had three families here, kids , grandkids. She would have worn out the gate attendents with all her comings and goings !!!!
  • Brenda Sizemore I agree! My parents lived at the Village +6 years...That community is as old as North RM. Most of the folks that reside there used to be residents of RM North/South and have paid their fair share of dues. Its our retirement community and most have SS benefits, a hit like another fee would kill most of them. They are granfathered in, in my book. They mostly come over to visit their children and grandchildren. I am upset to the fact that now it has come out that the Hotel Guests will have access to our community? Really? What else do we not know about? Our BOD need to do their fiduciary responsibility and inform the residents of all potential possibilites that come out of all this development. We voted them in their positions and they need to do the right thing on the behalf of our community.
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Guest passes

I dont see a problem with guest passes being issued to visitors of the 'inn and spa' as long as they are registered guests of Rancho Murieta residents, just like any of us that have guests occasionally from time to time from other areas. But, if the issuance of those passes is going to put the access of village residents in jeopardy, something that they have enjoyed for many years..... well.... that's just wrong. Besides, are the guests at the inn going to make such an impact on our parks and open spaces that we can no longer afford the same access to our neighbors(permanent) in the villages? I think not. Why would they even consider this? Are they just trying to alienate a great part of our community? Go figure.

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Exceptions for 55+ Senior Communities

Why can’t RMA negotiate with the developers about the type of access and fees without initiating an access fee on a 55+ senior community?

If you are not in the position of living off your social security check it is difficult to understand that a little here and a little there does makes a difference. And social security did not get a cost of living raise this year but Medicare went up.  Seniors seem to get it at both ends.

An important part of the aging process is to stay active. Why wouldn’t RMA allow 55+ communities access to RMA amenities?  Seniors are some of our best citizens. Make that the measure for future negotiations with any developer as far as access to RMA.  If you are not a 55+ community, then you need to negotiate the type of access and the cost.

It would be good if more 55+ communities were developed in this area.  Safe, nice housing areas for seniors are difficult to find.

The Village is not part of the development plan at all except for the fact that a hotel is going up across the street from them. Why should their lives be changed because RMA cannot see that negotiating access and costs with developers is a different issue than allowing a 55+ community continued RMA access?

Joanne Brandt

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Seriously RMA?

I am a 22 year resident of Rancho Murieta, 21 of those on the South and 1 in the Village. I raised my kids here and actually looked forward to being "old enough" to downsize in the Village. I love RM, but as a single mom with 2 college students to support, the Village offered me the ability to stay here affordably. I got a flyer for this meeting only a few days prior. The meeting was held during the day, and at such late notice, impossible for me to make arrangements for time off. I'm glad to see there were people who feel like I do who did attend and make their feelings known. I had no idea that the RMA doesn't feel like we are any more a part of this community than the new development. Color me surprised since I got this from RM.com

"November 1972: The Murieta Mobile Home Village -- the first residential development in Rancho Murieta -- opens. In addition to 209 pads, the Village includes a 4,000-square foot social center, heated pool, laundry complex and TV master antenna system."

So we were here first. The vast majority of the residents likely do not use the parks and such to the extent that we are "costing" the RMA a dime. WE have a pool, we don't need to swim in Lake Clamydia (what RM kids call Lake Clementia in the summer). What a slap in the face to mix us in with the development issues "I have 89 hotel units that want access". What does that have to do with home owners who have been a part of this community since it's inception? We need to pay our fair share? What is that number exactly? What does the RMA feel they should charge grandma and grandpa so they can freely visit their grandkids without getting a guest pass every time? Pardon my not so senior citizen language but WTF? I get it, we don't pay into the RMA, but we have had what seems to me a prescriptive easement for the use of RM amenities for a REALLY long time. I'm not an attorney, but I'm happy to help pay for one since I am lucky enough to not be dependent on social security yet! Hey, if it helps, in exchange for my dog using the dog park once a week, I will happily let 4 RM residents (my guest limit) use our pool and jacuzzi and play pool with me in the Clubhouse :)

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Villas Access

Just for the record. The owners and residents of units in the Country Club Villas NO LONGER have bar codes on their cars or access to any part of Rancho Murieta except for the piece of the Parkway that connects the front gate to their driveway. That "privilege" was taken away by the RMA board when they couldn't coerce the residents to pay a 30% increase in the small fee they had been paying without some sort of an agreement as to the rate of future increases.

The rub is that there never was a formal agreement with RMA that the Villas would pay anything. So, shouldn't they be grandfathered in, too? There are only 38 units there. In the face of hundreds of houses being built in the near future (maybe), it seems only neighborly. 

 Craig Sheumaker

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I heard this a bit differently

Hey Craig, I heard this a bit differently, that the Villas didn't want to pay for full RMA dues..so IMHO if this was the case, the residences of the Villas shouldn't be able to use any of the amenities. The joke is that there is no way to prevent that from happening...so the Villas folks enjoy all that we have here, but don't pay for it. I have mixed feelings for the Village. The majority of people who live there probably don't use most of the amenities, though, being 55+ myself, I use them all of the time...so..I wonder what was the reason why the CSD felt it was important to change who can get barcodes now?? What triggered this, or who brought it up??

Myrna Solomon

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