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The Rancho Murieta Association indicated its disinterest in creating a new committee to come up with a trails map for the community, as the Community Services District suggested last month. Also at Tuesday night's monthly meeting, the board approved a $4-per-month increase in RMA dues.

General Manager Greg Vorster said the RMA’s master trails plan, adopted in August, was not seconded by the CSD board at its meeting Sept. 20. Instead, the CSD voted to form an ad hoc committee with the RMA and developers to address unanswered questions.

Director Larry Shelton said he didn’t favor starting an ad hoc committee when the Parks Committee – with representation from the same three organizations – exists already. “I do not see the need to create more confusion and more delay on our master trail plan,” he said.

Director Sam Somers Sr. agreed. “I do believe that CSD has very little to do with the trails,” he said, “and it’s kind of between RMA and the developer, and I just can’t see why we would renegotiate, again, all the stuff we’ve been doing for the last two or three years.”

The RMA and the developers each have two seats on the Parks Committee, leaving the CSD, which has one seat, as a potential swing vote.

Director Cheryl McElhany, a RMA representative to Parks, shared the board sentiment, saying any issues can be addressed at that committee rather than in a new group.

At the CSD session, Mark Pecotich, president of that board, said the present maps are incomplete, and he listed issues he thought needed to be addressed, starting with access inside and outside the gates and other items. “We need to know,” he said. “It’s not figured out.”

Prompted by a board question, Vorster said the developers already have their trails map on record with the county as part of the development process. Shelton suggested that RMA send its latest map to the county whether or not the CSD approves.

Vorster agreed and said he would try to talk with the CSD before taking the step. “If we don’t come to some type of agreement, I agree with you we probably need to get that map down to the county also,” he said. The issue will come back to the board next month, he said.

Monthly bill to go from $135 to $139

The board unanimously approved its 2018 budget, increasing the monthly fees from $135 to $139, a 3 percent increase. 

Among the projects budgeted: $25,000 for turf replacement at Stonehouse Park, $17,000 to light the tennis and basketball courts at Riverview Park and $28,000 in partial funding for an Escuela gate. The board also budgeted $15,000 in exclusive-use fees for the start of installing post-and-cable fencing around Stonehouse Park. 

In response to questions from the board, RMA staff said $15,000 wasn’t enough to complete the Stonehouse Park job, but they weren’t sure how much the total project would cost.

Director Tim Maybee emphasized the amount of work accomplished by RMA staff. “You folks do a great job and run a very lean operation,” he said. “I think even with this percent of increase, the amount of things we’re asking of staff at all levels to get done is quite a bit.”

In other business...

  • Marlene Hensley, who lives on Laguna Joaquin, thanked the board for the cleanup work done at the lake. She extended thanks as well to the Community Services District for its part in the work. Directors seconded that, along with Maintenance Manager Rod Hart, who said the CSD “really stepped up” on the project.
  • RMA ballots, which should begin arriving this week, include a candidate who recently withdrew from the race, so you shouldn't vote for him, Director Tim Maybee reminded the audience. The candidate who has withdrawn is Gary Wolfe.
  • Final concrete work at the new Greens park on the South is being done this week, General Manager Greg Vorster reported, and it will be followed by completion of the playground equipment installation, asphalt work and hydroseeding. The job should be done by the end of the month, he said.
  • A Halloween-themed Bingo Night will take place 6 p.m. Oct. 27 at the RMA Building. Call 354-3500 for reservations.
  • The board approved spending $12,989 for two radar guns to help penalize speeding drivers. Director Tim Maybee said one camera would be for RMA and the other for Rancho Murieta Security, to help with enforcement.
  • There were three people in the audience. One was an RMA board candidate, Tom Reimers. Board President Bob Lucas was absent.

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