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Red square Watch a video of the RMA meeting (48 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association’s board of directors heard a development progress report Tuesday night (including an invitation to help build a community center) and an update on the completion of the community's high-speed fiber network. The board also appointed committee members.

RMA is invited 'into the weeds' on development

Tom deRegt

The next development plan to the county, maybe this month, will propose 795 homes, Tom deRegt said.

Developer Tom deRegt of Rancho Murieta Properties said he wanted to deliver a new year’s update on the ongoing North development and invite the RMA to talk about remaining issues.

DeRegt listed what he called key issues that would profit from discussions – parks and trails, open space and a community center. He said the developers have been trying to “get down into those weeds” with the RMA for several years.

He said the RMA has to figure out how to work with the newly formed Rancho North Association, which has its first five homeowners in the Retreats development. In addition to those five sales, deRegt said they hope to close another five in the first quarter of 2017.

He acknowledged that the developers and the RMA may never agree about how to comply with the Mutual Benefit Agreement, signed by development representatives a decade ago. It outlines approved development numbers.

He said a new development plan submitted to the county will propose 795 lots. He mentioned previous incarnations of the development plan, with 925 and 827 lots. “It’s our interpretation of the MBA that we are now within the constraints of the MBA, both by village and by total,” he said.

The number of lots could be reduced further, he said, as the developers consider “higher-density, adult-targeted, age-targeted” homes. He said these will make up about one-third of the homes proposed, a change from the original plan, which called for homes on large lots in an effort to comply with the RMA’s requirements for annexation into the association.

Bob Lucas, board president, said the RMA was open to conversations about development, “a big issue,” and said said he anticipated “plenty of dialogue” in the coming year.

DeRegt said the developers met last year with RMA directors and staff and were told to pursue a community center on their own if that’s what they wanted. In recent months, the developers have begun to talk about building their own. “There’s still time to talk about that,” deRegt said of working together on a community center.

He said the developers want to “plan the balance of the community,” so everyone shares the same vision of the future.

DeRegt said the developers had met that day with Saving Our Lakes & Open Spaces, the group trying to steer development, and with adjacent property owners. He said the developers would resubmit their plans to the county, perhaps later this month, and begin the environmental review process. He promised more communiity outreach in 2017.

Board gets update on Greens Park project

Green Park plans

Here is some of the planned playground equipment at the new three-acre Greens Park, to be built in the South off Jigger Way. The park drawings can be viewed at the RMA Building. Click photo for larger image.

General Manager Greg Vorster reported the Parks Committee approved building the Greens Park on the South at its meeting Dec. 28. The cost will be about $360,000, with half of it coming from the current parks fund and the other half advanced by the RMA in exchange for future parks contributions. Vorster said the contracts have been executed for the civil engineering work and the landscape architect. Weather permitting, grading can begin in April, he said. 

Park plan

Here's the park plan. Click photo for larger image.

Greenfield says project wrap-up is six weeks away

Brandon Fuller, Greenfield’s project manager for the community-wide fiber installation, said the number of households on the legacy cable-internet system is down to 210, and that number should be zero in six weeks. 

As the final customers are closed out, the green cable boxes on many lawns will be swapped out for surface-level boxes, he said. An exception will be the larger boxes, which Fuller said house multiple connections. They represent about 10 percent of the boxes, he said. 

Although the work is nearing an end north of Jackson Road, he said Greenfield will be running fiber south to the commercial areas and beyond to the FAA Building on Cantova Way.

Thanks for RMA work during storm

Mark Pecotich, president of the Community Services District, thanked the RMA for its service to the community during the recent storms. He told the board, “A lot of long hours for the RMA group, out there working hard, and I just wanted to come and express my appreciation (for you) working with our crews to stay ahead of what was happening....”

Members of RMA committees for 2017

The board gave unanimous approval to members proposed for its various committees, most of them hold-overs from prior committees:

Finance Committee

  • Chair: Director Cheryl McElhany
  • Robert Hamel
  • Chris Pilkington
  • Martin Pohll
  • Frank Pumilia

Architectural Review Committee

  • Chair: Director Sam Somers Sr.
  • Frank Dininger
  • Doug Reed
  • Maureen Gormley
  • Bill Vaughn
  • Phil Fitch, alternate
  • Jeff Morehead, alternate

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Cheryl McElhany
  • Carol Anderson
  • Ray Bray
  • Ray Matheny
  • Myrna Solomon

Compliance Committee

  • Chair: Director Tim Maybee
  • Scott Anderson
  • Judith Embrue
  • Marlene Hensley
  • Ken Poole
  • Bob Telford, alternate
  • Dave Witt, alternate

Governing Documents Committee

  • Chair: Director Bob Lucas
  • June Koefelda
  • Greg Verdon
  • Scott Adams
  • Allyson Warr

Maintenance Committee

  • Chair: Director Larry Shelton
  • Randy Jenco
  • Geri Palmer
  • Blaine Lamb
  • Virginia Macko
  • Frank Mann

Recreation Committee

  • Chair: Director Alex Bauer
  • Martha Glunt
  • Bonnie Shewchuck
  • Kerry Vicochea
  • Allyson Warr

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