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The proposal to build a community center and pool for Rancho Murieta was roundly defeated in a vote of the membership, the Rancho Murieta Association announced Tuesday afternoon.  The vote count was 580 in favor and 979 against, the RMA said.

The ballots were opened and counted earlier Tuesday. Here's the brief announcement from the RMA:

"The Tally Committee met today to open and tabulate ballots for the membership vote for the Community Recreation and Aquatic Center.  There were 1,559 votes received.  Dick Silvis, Inspector of Elections announced there were 580 votes in favor of the project and 979 votes against.  In order to approve the community center, 1,064 votes in favor of the project were needed."

Ballots went out in June.

The center was proposed for a 14-acre site across from Stonehouse Park on Escuela Drive. Members voted on a plan for a $1,200 assessment and ongoing charges of $12 a month.

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Too Bad

A big thanks to everyone who worked on putting together a comprehensive plan that fully explained the community center and the positive benefits it would provide to each of us individually and as a community.  I believe this was our one and only chance to get this done.  The best thing we can do now is to move on without resorting to finger-pointing and name-calling.  

What happens with the property on Escuela now? 


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Escuela property...

That's easy, Mac.  It will either be developed by the current owner, or they will look for a buyer.  Offer to buy was contingent on this vote passing.

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Community Center Vote

 It is a shame that so much money was spent on a project the Community was obviously not ready for.




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Community Center

The real shame in the effort to build a community center is that the RMA board spent over $23,000 of our dues.  If they would have taken a real vote after the questionnaire survey that would have determined how much real interest there was in building the community center.

For those folks that wanted a place to play cards, etc. I would suggest joining the Country Club.  For less than $150/month you get access to the club, all golf facilities except the courses, tennis courts plus $50 worth of food!  If there was still a demand for a swimming pool then perhaps it could be done via the club membership.

David Fields

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Community Center Rejected

Did any of you really think that you could get 50% of the entire community to go for this?   Only got 37% of those that voted.  Needed 50% of the entire community.  The "survey" that promped this vote was flawed. The RMA Board did not do its job in asking what the community wanted.  How can  they justify the money spent on consultants, brochures, plans, specifications, and voting materials based on a survey that was responded to by 12% of the community?  A lot of money and time was spent on a project that the community is not in favor in the way it was presented.  This was a prime example of Obama socialism and thankfully the community was not fooled.  If you really want the community center to happen, it should be attached to the country club and only the people that want to use it should pay for it in the same way as golf and tennis.  I don't know, or for that matter care, how this would work but I'm sure this will not go away and perhaps those in favor will see that only those that will use it must pay for it.  Or........in the name of socialism, we could vote to have the entire community pay to build the center and pay the monthly fees to include the community center, golf and tennis.   This, would likely reduce the fees that the golfers are paying now and have everyone pay their fair share.  I congratulate the RM community on the way they voted.   

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Beyond Bummed!

 I on the other hand do not applaud this community for the way it voted.  I am so sad that something that could have brought so much joy for so many is not going to happen.  I mean really..Is there any great community that does not have a pool?  It is the ONE thing we are missing here in RM.  It is just beyond rediculous in my eyes.  People get so hung up on the politics of it all.  I just want a place where my kids and I can swim, exercise, and enjoy a pool without having to drive to Folsom or EDH.  Maybe it was too big too fast?  Maybe something on a smaller scale?  I am thankful for those who put so much hard work and energy in trying to get this project to pass.  So my question is where are we to go with our kids to swim? First access to the river on your golf cart is blocked, the lake is covered with goose poo, and now it looks like a pool for this community won't happen :(..I'm one bummed out RM resident right now!!!!!

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Really Bummed

Sorry Jessica, but if you really want this project, you and other like minded people will have to fund it. There are too many residents out here that just can't afford such a luxury.

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Sorry, Jessica

Build the pool in your own yard as so many others here have done.  Can't build in your own yard?  Don't want to do the maintenance having your own pool would require?  Don't want to drive to EDH or Folsom for a pool?  Then you've got some soul searching to do.  What is more important to you?   The community pool isn't happening so your choices are limited:  1) live with it, 2) build a pool, 3) drive to EDH or Folsom, or 4) move to EDH or Folsom.  Don't want you to go, but you have to decide what is most important to you and your family.  The pool wasn't here when you got here.  I'm sure the rest of your family will support your decision. 

Really don't mean to be mean about this, but you need to do what is best for you and it's your decision.

If it had passed, I would be doing the same soul searching and deciding what is best for my husband and me.  Just didn't turn out that way this time.


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Good Job RMA

The members decided, and hopefully this will be put away for a long while. I was disappointed that this was an all pool and community center initiative or nothing. I still believe we need a community center and that the pool should be a seperate issue. Yet thank you to this Board and Committee for going the extra mile to get this to resolution. Great job!

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RMA vote

I think this a result of the current economic climate. Hard to vote for something like this when your house is worth 20 to 50% less than what it was. Driving down the street and seeing empty foreclosed homes doesn't give a person a warm fuzzy feeling on wanting to take on more debt. Why don't we let the private sector take the risk? Have a great company like California Family Fitness lease land, build a wonderful fitness center and provide to those a great venue to work out, swim, yoga etc, for a fee? If our demographics can support this business they would do it.

Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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Well said...


I think you got it exactly right. The current economic climate has too many people rightfully nervous.

For the private sector solution, wouldn't RMA still have to buy the land then hope someone would come along and develop the facilities? (Seems to me that a more central location along Murieta Parkway would provide better access for all.) In the face of the project's resounding defeat, I wonder if any company would take the chance. 

By the way, nice picture of you in Yosemite :)

 Craig Sheumaker

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If at first you don't succeed....

As many have noted, it's simply not the right time to ask folks to pitch in for this.  IMO it was the right idea at the wrong time.  It'll be back when folks are not quite so fearful about money and the economy.  And/or when housing improves enough that the developers return to try again.

Having a private commercial gym inside the gates would take a CC&R revision.  I'm quite confident THAT alternative is infeasible.

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