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Holiday lights winner

The Rancho Murieta Association board honored the homes with the best holiday decorations at Tuesday night’s meeting. Sean and Kristin Donnalley and kids of Murieta South Parkway were among those honored. See photos of the winners here.

Red square See video of the RMA meeting (41 minutes)

The Rancho Murieta Association board Tuesday night unanimously approved spending about $390,000 to build the long-discussed Greens Park in the South. The board also honored homes with the best holiday lights.

Thousands in parks funds were spent on plans for the Greens Park before the project was shelved in 2008 due to a funding shortfall. At that time, estimates to develop the park ranged from $550,000 to $700,000. 

Earlier this year, the Parks Committee reduced the scope of work and asked that the project be put out to bid, and bids came back at $536,000. The RMA then recommended it could serve as general contractor for the project to lower the cost even more. Under the plan, grading and underground work were to be done by RMA Maintenance; landscaping, concrete and asphalt work would be put out to bid. RMA was directed to keep the cost under $400,000.

The bids are back, General Manager Greg Vorster reported Tuesday night, and they total $325,858. With a 10 percent contingency on top, the cost totals $358,443. About half of that will come from the parks fund, which is built on developer and RMA contributions. 

Writing those checks will take the fund to zero for now. The RMA will pay the rest of the cost and be credited for future parks fund contributions.

Trees needed for the job were bid separately, with funding to come from the tree-mitigation fund. That cost is $29,650, Vorster said.

Vorster said the project can get going early next year, pending Parks Committee approval. The three-acre park site, in the center of 21 acres of wetlands, is accessed off Jigger Court.

This year's holiday lights winners

The Recreation Committee honored the following families for their holiday lights:

2016 First-Time Winners:

  • 15185 Reynosa Drive, Steffen and Stephanie Hartman
  • 15262 Murieta South Parkway, Sean and Kristin Donnalley

2016 Multi-year Winners:

  • 14925 Trinidad Court, Tom and Bonnie Shewchuk
  • 15022 Anillo Way, Walt and Marie Dunajski
  • 6801 Brisa Lane, Chris and Kelly Akin
  • 15022 Guadalupe, Lisa and Byron Wise
  • 14812 Guadalupe Drive, Jeff and Brenda Alexander
  • 6458 Via del Cerrito Drive, George Hannum and Ginny Macko
  • 6538 Via Sereno Drive, Brad and Lisa Wiese
  • 6539 Rio Oso Drive, the Naffziger Family
  • 6232 Puerto Drive, Mark and Janice Sutherland
  • 15054 Reynosa Drive, Chris and Marie Beckstaiger
  • 15464 Boundary Court, Zachary and Kristina Bowman
  • 15576 Topspin Way, Doug and Randee Ross
  • 7500 Linksman Court, James and Lisa Teague
  • 15294 Murieta South Parkway, Israel Mendoza

Greenfield says system switchover is nearly done

Brandon Fuller, project manager for Greenfield’s fiber installation, expanded on the announcement earlier in the day that Greenfield was nearing the final shutdown of the legacy RMA cable/internet system.

There are now fewer than 300 customers on the legacy system, he said, and Greenfield is switching over 40 or 50 a week to the fiber system. At that rate, he projected the changeover would be complete by the end of February, perhaps early March.

He told the board Greenfield continues to clean up the pedestal structures that hold wiring for the system, many of them in prominent locations on lawns.

Board OKs spending $37,302 for lawn mower

The board approved spending $37,302 to buy a lawn mower it had intended to lease in 2017. Buying will be a cost savings to the RMA, the board was told.

Last-minute gift for a baseball fan 

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift, the RMA can help.

Assistant General Manager Danise Hetland said the RMA is offering bus trips to San Francisco Giants baseball games next year – June 25, against the New York Mets, and Aug. 9, when the Giants meet the champion Chicago Cubs. Tickets are $79 each.

If you like, the RMA will wrap the gift for you, Hetland said. Stop by the RMA office if you’re interested.

RMA board

The new RMA board, from left, Sam Somers Sr., Tim Maybee, Rob Brown, President Bob Lucas, Alex Bauer, Cheryl McElhany and Larry Shelton. Click photo for larger image.

Board elects new officers, names committee chairs

In a brief organizational meeting a couple of hours before the regular session, the board elected new officers and committee chairs for 2017. They are:


  • President: Bob Lucas
  • Vice president: Larry Shelton
  • Treasurer: Cheryl McElhany
  • Secretary: Tim Maybee

Committee chairs

  • Architectural Review: Sam Somers Sr.
  • Communications: Cheryl McElhany
  • Finance: Cheryl McElhany
  • Compliance: Tim Maybee
  • Governing Documents: Bob Lucas
  • Maintenance: Larry Shelton
  • Parks: Cheryl McElhany, Rob Brown and Alex Bauer (alternate)
  • Recreation: Alex Bauer
  • Personnel: Bob Lucas
  • Joint Security: Bob Lucas and Tim Maybee

The board approved extending the existing committee member rosters until new committees can be formed and approved by the board.

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