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Two single-vehicle golf cart accidents resulted in DUI arrests last month, Security Chief Greg Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee. "One of them ran into a ditch and one of them ran into a car in the Villas," Remson said at the meeting Thursday.

"You guys need to put the word out that just because you're in a golf cart with your case of wine doesn't mean you're safe," said Director Bobbi Belton, a committee member.

Remson said a guest of a resident was arrested by sheriff's deputies June 5 after making contact with people in their backyards and creating a disturbance on the South Course. "He was very uncooperative so he went to jail," Remson said. "If it's to that point, then it's a safety issue. It's a safety issue for the residents and it's a safety issue for us. ... Public intoxication most times ends up being a safety issue because the section reads you're unable to care for your safety or others' safety."

There were two incidents of arson in May, Remson reported. On May 1, orange plastic fencing near the baseball field at Riverview Park was burned. On May 24, fire damage was found on the door of the men's restroom on the 14th hole of the North Course and both restrooms were vandalized. A fire department arson investigator responded for a report.

Officers responded to 13 snake calls in May, most involving rattlesnakes.

Open garage doors topped the list of  Rancho Murieta Association rule violation admonishments and complaints with 43 reported. The loose/unleashed dogs category generated 30 reports. Speeding lead the list of rule violations with 14 citations issued.

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