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Here are Rancho Murieta's complete Security logs for Dec. 27-Jan. 6, as released to the public. CSD Security edits the logs to remove names and specific addresses before releasing the information.

The format here is:

Time / Nature of report / Security officer / Resolution

Common abbreviations:

  • 415 (disturbance)
  • NFI (no further information)
  • NOH (no one home)
  • UTL (unable to locate)
  • BOL (be on lookout)
  • NOL (not on list)
  • ADV (advised)
  • WMA (white male adult)
  • R/P (reporting person)
  • W-2 (water unit)
  • Code 4 (officer or situation is OK)
  • LDN (left door notice)
  • OGD (open garage door)
  • HBD (had been drinking)

Click the PDF file below to see the logs.

PDF icon Security logs, Dec. 27-Jan. 6440.84 KB

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WE HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER! Theft or harm to one neighbor is one neighbor too many being harmed.....KEEPING QUIET ABOUT IT DOESN'T HELP...... A FAMILY IS A SICK AS THEIR SECRETS AND SO IS A NEIGHBORHOOD. LET'S SPEAK OUT AND WATCH OUT...I would rather call and be wrong than let a theft happen. Cell phone cameras. 

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Tickets for Driveway Parking Variance Violations

Why are sightings/tickets being issued for the Driveway Variance as early as 1-3-19 when Christmas Decorations are coming down?  So...have a Christmas decoration competition and lets now charge them all for trying to get all their decorations put away 2 days after New Years day.  I just got mine down last weekend 1/5-1/6 and if I get one in the mail, I'm NOT going to be happy!!! 

Especially since I have to move cars to get cars out of the driveway in the morning because I was not approved of my driveway variance, but my application fee was retained as a processing fee. 

Are we really that "Fee Hungry" of a Homeowner's Association?


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