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Residents are once again reminded to remove any valuables and lock their cars following several thefts from unlocked vehicles.

Security Chief Greg Remson said Wednesday that a wallet, GPS device, and other items were taken from unlocked vehicles parked in Murieta North driveways in incidents that occurred over the long weekend. "Another reminder, don't leave anything in your car of value," he said at the CSD board meeting.

A security logs entry for Jan. 15 reports property was taken from an unlocked car in the Carreta Lane/Lago Drive area. When the area was checked, Security officers found items belonging to another person, who was contacted and confirmed that the property had been taken from their unlocked car. On Jan. 17, a GPS device was reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Domingo Drive.

There were also several vandalism and theft incidents involving solar lights on the North over the weekend, Remson said. According to the logs, three solar lights were taken and one was damaged on Fuente De Paz Jan. 17, landscape lights were vandalized on Via Sereno Jan. 16 and at a residence in the Villas Jan. 15.  Also on Jan. 15, two male juveniles were seen entering a backyard on Cortina Court and taking two chairs.

Security can reached at 354-CARE or 354-3743.

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