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Seven recent arrests for driving under the influence prompted a warning to residents from Security Chief Greg Remson. "Over the years, they come and go, but I can't remember having this many in this concentrated amount of time," Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee Friday about DUI arrests in July and August. Remson also shared  another cause for concern, saying patrol officers responded to 14 snake calls in August, and 13 of them involved rattlesnakes.

Regarding the DUI arrests, Remson said six of the seven involved residents or their guests. Four occurred in the North residential area, and several others were tied to accidents on Jackson Road and Stonehouse Road.

"It's in the news, it's everywhere, but people still think that they can have one or two or three or four and still make it home," he said. "One of these was people coming home from (an ETC concert at Lake Clementia) and my understanding is that person was supposed to be the designated driver, so that's kind of a scary thought right there if that person was the most sober of the group. DUI is a dangerous thing and it can affect a lot of people other than the driver and I just wish people would pay more attention."

RattlesnakeRattlesnake alert

Residents should be aware that rattlesnakes are out and about.  "People need to be careful," Remson said. "They've been everywhere from crossing the street to in people's garages, in their backyards, and all kinds of different places."
Rattlesnake bites are seldom fatal, though the injury can be extremely painful. In past years, Murieta residents have been bitten by rattlers in their own yards.

Rattlesnakes are recognizable by their wide, triangular heads and the rattles on their tails. Don’t expect to hear a rattle since snakes that are taken by surprise will bite with no warning rattle.

The western rattlesnake, the species of rattler that lives here, has large, dark brown spots edged with white or yellow bands. The top of its head is brown. The gopher snake, which is not poisonous, bears a resemblance to the rattlesnake, but its head is not triangular and it has no rattles.

Rattlesnake advice

  • Be on the lookout for snakes and watch where you step or put your hands. At night, use a flashlight.
  • If a rattlesnake shows up in your yard or otherwise poses a threat, call Security at 354-CARE. 

  • In the event of a rattlesnake bite, call 911, preferably from a land phone, not a cell phone, for the quickest emergency response.
  • Antivenin can only be administered at a medical facility and transport to a medical facility is considered the best way to treat a venomous snakebite. Do not apply ice or a tourniquet.

Safety Center update


Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff Jacque Villa and Ron Squires, seen here on patrol last week, will continue to staff the James L. Noller Safety Center located at the Community Services District parking lot. The center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and can be reached at 354-8509 or 354-8511.

Remson said the commander and other officials of the Central Division of the Sacramento Sheriff'sDepartment recently visited the James L. Noller Safety Center and met with him, a patrol officer and two local members of Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff in a successful effort to keep the James L. Noller Safety Center open, even as other service centers are closing. 

The VIPS will continue to staff the center on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. under the supervision of the Central Division office manager. Since the center and the VIPS patrol vehicle are owned by the CSD, the only costs to the Sheriff's Department are for telephone and computer lines, Remson said. 

"The commander was very positive and assured us he wouldn't forget about us out here and try to keep the officers that were assigned to South patrol in this area, keep them coming out here, but … he reiterated that cops go where the crimes are," Remson said.

Rancho Murieta was formerly part of the South Bureau, which was shut down in July due to budget constraints.  

Report on Summerfest

Remson said the two-day Summerfest carnival event "all in all, went well.  Saturday, as usual, the gate just got hammered, so we might have to think about what we did Fourth of July and that's get another gate officer to assist with that traffic."
Remson said an "altercation … between two groups of young adults" occurred Saturday night and a medic was called in as a precaution after "one guy got a cut on the head. … Otherwise it was pretty quiet and, from what I understand, everybody had a good time."

Reaction to North Gate plan

"The biggest concern is the turnaround. … It's the crossover between the lanes," Remson said of a plan to remodel the North Gate that includes a U-turn configuration for making a left on Lago Drive.  "The goal since we started talking about the new North Gate has been to have a dedicated visitor lane because anytime you have residents in it, it just stacks it up."

The new gate would be "only 30 feet farther than it is now, which is three cars," he said. In addition to having a dedicated visitor lane, the new gate was to be relocated farther up Murieta Parkway to address traffic back-ups onto Jackson Road by providing more room for vehicles. 

The Rancho Murieta Association is working with the Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers on the new gate, which the PTF will build with $1.4 million provided under the terms of the Mutual Benefit Agreement between the RMA and the PTF.

The CSD submitted comments to RMA about the PTF design proposal after asking the Security personnel who operate the gate for their input.  "I got more response from the gate officers on this than I have on pretty much anything," Remson told the CSD Security Committee.

He said the RMA board didn't want the design "once they looked at it … I don't think that they're going to move forward with this plan."

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CSD Security

I think we should all be very pleased that the VIPs will remain here and continue to provide extra sets of eyes and ears regarding community activities.

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