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Scott Jones

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones attended Wednesday evening's Rotary meeting in Rancho Murieta, offering his thoughts on a variety of topics with the audience of a dozen people.  Some of what he shared:

  • Jones said he would like to see a new strategy to address gang problems, a regional effort, with intervention and prevention, in the community, schools and churches. Already some law-enforcement people are working with athletic leagues. "They're all there on their own time," he said. "I'm not paying one of these guys to do this.  It's why we got into this business."
  • Because his father started his own business when Jones was 12 years old, Jones said he pays extra attention to the business community. He asked the audience whether they felt safe parking at Arden Fair. (Only one or two said yes.) Then he asked how many felt safe parking at Galleria in Roseville.  (Many more said yes.) Finally, he asked how many cars have been stolen at Arden Fair since the beginning of the year. The Rotarian guesses started in the hundreds and ended in the thousands. Jones offered the correct answer: three. "Perception is reality," he said. "You're not going to go there if you don't feel safe."
  • He said the sheriff's department's morale is improving. Everyone who was laid off and wanted to come back is back, he said, and every lost promotion has been reinstated. "We have small signs of life," he said. "You kind of have to look for them."
  • Jones said the Sheriff's golf tournament, a victim of the economy in recent years, will make a comeback Oct. 17 at the North Course.

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