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Market sign

[Updated Sunday in comments: It's official] The rumors have been constant, and while we waited for official word from Raley's HQ, someone inside the Murieta Plaza store (probably tired of answering the question) posted this sign in the window. It says the opening is 7 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 14. And it's on brown butcher paper, so it must be true. Photo by Frank Falusi

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Is Raley's sign accurate? Looks like yes

Looks like this is true. Raley's employees on the job Sunday said the opening-day timing is accurate (and they're planning to make a nicer sign). They're on the job today setting up frozen foods. Perishables will come later in the week.

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Raley's working away today

I hope there's not a power outage today and they can keep working away!  That's amazing!  So glad they are committed to bringing back a grocery store to our community.  So very much appreciated.

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Raley's HQ makes it official

An email Sunday afternoon from Raley's:

I am pleased to announce the new ‘Murieta Market by Raley’s’ in Murieta Plaza will open on January 14 at 7 am. We will hold a small welcome event on Tuesday, January 17, from 4-7 pm.

The temporary ‘Murieta Market’ will be half the size of a traditional full-service Raley’s store. The 17,000 square foot market will include produce, meat, deli items and some prepared offerings. The new Bel Air Market at the intersection of Murieta Parkway and Jackson Highway will begin construction in the coming months and will open in the late fall. Murieta Market will be opening from now until the opening of the new Bel Air.

The store team leader at the new location is Steve Thomas, he and his team is excited to serve the community. In the coming days, I will announce some of our new store team members, several of which were former Plaza Food employees.

Thank you!

Chelsea Minor
Director, Public Relations & Public Affairs
Raley's Family of Fine Stores

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